A real interior pleasure: Exquisite furnishings and excellent design

Compact on the outside, wonderful on the inside. The interior cannot be used any more intelligently than it is being used in the KNAUS VAN I. And, of course, it can’t be more beautiful. Lots of chrome, real metal and intricately manufactured leather structure film create a wonderful living ambience. The large panorama windscreen, which lets in lots of light, is responsible for the sunny and pleasant atmosphere.

  • Premium GRAMMER seats
  • Rear‐ventilated furniture in integral construction
  • Foldable mirror and wash table
  • Space‐saving slim tower refrigerators
Living Cooking Sleeping Care Materials

Like living in seventh heaven

Spacious seating group, refined real wood edging on the table, elaborately designed integral furniture with effective rear ventilation for a pleasant indoor climate and a lift‐up bed perfectly integrated in the living space. This is how a motorhome must be. And that is also why we made the VAN I exactly this way.

VAN TI 550 MD Interieur Soft-Close Klappen
Attention to detail

Wood‐style surfaces and leather texture foil create a classic ambience.

VAN I 650 MEG Interieur LED-Spots im Hubbett

We have integrated LED spotlights in the lift‐up bed for optimal illumination in the living space.

VAN I 650 MEG Interieur Polsterung

Elaborately processed and featuring premium upholstery, for many nice camping evenings.

VAN I 650 MEG Interieur Wohnbereich

The table that can be extended in no time at all, always fits perfectly in your every day holiday life.

VAN I 650 MEG Interieur Fahrersitz

All of our fully integrated models are fitted with excellent GRAMMER seats.

Cuisine on wheels

In this kitchen you can create delicious culinary treats. And the huge drawers, which open fully and have a soft‐close function, will help you with it. This, in addition to the easy‐to‐clean countertop with a side extension on especially durable metal hinges, will make holiday cooking fun.

VAN I 580 MK Interieur Slim-Tower Kühlschrank

The new slim‐tower refrigerators save plenty of room, thus allowing a full‐fledged wardrobe.

VAN I 650 MEG Interieur Küchenarmatur

Looks great and is equally well finished. The high‐quality kitchen tap in the VAN I.

VAN I 600 ME Interieur Küchenarbeitsplatte

The high‐quality counter top looks like new, even after many years of use.

VAN I 650 MEG Interieur klappbare Arbeitsplattenverlängerung

A folding extension for the worktop is – admittedly – not really an innovation, but this one is different. For instance, this extension is extremely stable and can be operated with ease.

VAN I 650 MEG Interieur Küche
Kitchen option

In the ultra‐compact VAN I 550 MD, you will of course find a high‐quality kitchen that rivals the kitchen found in larger models.

Single or double bed?

Or simply both? The pull‐out middle section turns the single beds into a large double bed in no time at all. It really is a shame, that a night in the VAN I on the outstanding 5‐zone comfort cold‐foam mattresses, has to come to an end at some point.

VAN I 650 MEG Interieur Kleiderschrank

The particularly spacious wardrobe ensures the best look even on the road.

VAN I 650 MEG Interieur ausziehbares Mittelteil zwischen den Einzelbetten

Do you need more legroom? No problem, thanks to the retractable centre piece.

VAN I 650 MEG Interieur Oberschrank

Elaborate integral design and a lot of storage space. This is what modern cabinetry must look like.

VAN I 650 MEG Interieur mit Stoff bezogene Kopfteile

Simply lean back. And enjoy the wonderfully soft headrests masterfully covered with fabric.

VAN I 650 MEG Interieur Hubbett

The lifting bed in the VAN I 650 MEG is fully adjustable upwards or downwards.

Start the day with zest

Of course, even in the compact VAN I we’ve integrated a fully equipped bath. We used a small trick: The mirror and the wash basin can be folded together and to the side to create a spacious shower cabin. Isn’t that simply amazing?

VAN I 650 MEG Interieur Duschbrause
High quality

What can be nicer than immediately getting into the shower after a short hike? This is why we made sure, that the VAN I has a full‐fledged shower which is equipped with a shapely shower head in household quality.

VAN I 650 MEG Interieur Dachluke im Bad

The large skylight in the bathroom not only ensures that fresh, dry air finds its way back into the VAN I straight after showering, but also provides particularly pleasant daylight. Everything good does come from above.

VAN I upholstery options

Indian Summer
Blue Marine
Active Line
Active Rock
Active Line
Active Royal
Las Vegas