Optional Equipment

  650 FSK  
Standard equipment
Optional equipment
Not possible
Optional equipmentkg
Chassis / Load Increase
AL-KO AAA Premium Brake--
AL-KO Trailer Control-ATC - Anti-skid system (2.0)4-
Support wheel with integrated support load display--
AL-KO heavy-duty crank supports2-
Drawbar cover4-
Winter cover for gas locker in KNAUS design2-
Load increase to 2.500 kg*** (2.500 kg chassis)20-
Wheel covers in KNAUS Design (Dependency: ABH14322)1-
Alloy rims - tandem-axle--
17" light alloy rims - tandem-axle, black gloss front-polished in exclusive KNAUS design (Dependency: ABH14326)43-
Bicycle carrier for 2 bikes, drawbar: THULE Caravan SUPERB10-
Bicycle carrier for 2 bikes, rear: THULE LIFT V16 (Dependency: ABH14329, ABH14330)17-
Roof rail10-
TRUMA Mover XT 2 (Dependency: ABH14335, ABH14336)28-
TRUMA Mover XT 4 (Dependency: ABH14335, ABH14338)60-
Spare tyre (steel rim) incl. jack (Dependency: ABH14341, ABH14342)21-
Spare tyre 17'' alloy rim in KNAUS design incl. jack (Dependency: ABH14344)31-
Spare tyre holder in the gas locker1-
Spare tyre holder for 17'' alloy rim in KNAUS design, mounted on underbody (Dependency: ABH14346)7-
Body door: KNAUS PREMIUM2-
Multifunctional bag in KNAUS design (Dependency: ABH17720)--
Insect screen door4-
Service Hatches / Garage Doors
Service hatch 100 x 40.5 cm, rear left (Dependency: ABH14356)2-
Service hatch 100 x 30.5 cm, rear right2-
Garage door 100 x 120 cm, left (Dependency: ABH14361, ABH14362)8-
Windows / Roof Hoods / Ventilation
Hinged window (bow) (Dependency: ABH14366)6-
Roof hood (lift-tilt) 96 x 65 cm with insect screen and blackout (centre)9-
Materials / Vehicle Graphics
Side walls in smooth sheet metal - tandem-axle25-
KNAUS emblems front and rear, black/chrome--
Living / Sleeping / Upholstery And Fabrics
EvoPore HRC mattress incl. WaterGEL topper, fixed beds only6-
KNAUS comfort bed - EvoPore HRC mattress incl. WaterGEL overlay on plate spring slatted frame6-
Multifunctional bunk bed (triple) (Dependency: ABH14386, ABH14384, ABH14385)10-
Bunk bed (triple) incl. garage door 100 x 120 cm, with frame window incl. blackout and insect screen (Dependency: ABH14392, ABH14391, ABH14385)24-
Move-out/extension for bed conversion including levelling cushion3-
Fitted sheet set, precisely fitting for the mattress shape - for 4 or 5 beds (fixed bed and bunk bed)1-
Upholstery selection: GREY COMFORT--
Upholstery selection: ACTIVE ROYAL (Dependency: ABH14396)--
Upholstery selection: ACTIVE ROCK (Dependency: ABH14396)--
COZY HOME Package, colour selection PEACH3-
COZY HOME Package, colour selection STONE3-
COZY HOME Package, colour selection AVOCADO3-
COZY HOME Package, colour selection AQUA3-
COZY HOME Package, colour selection MAGNOLIA3-
COZY HOME Package, colour selection EARTH3-
Carpet floor - body length from 6006-
Kitchen / Bathroom
Gas oven incl. grill function (installation location in the kitchen block) (Dependency: ABH41201, ABH14406, ABH14404)13-
Extractor fan5-
Microwave (in kitchen block) (Dependency: ABH14410, ABH14409)14-
Shower extension standard washroom: Pull-out shower head, holder for shower head and shower curtain3-
Heating / Air Conditioning / Gas Supply / Water Supply
Remote display DuoC (Ice Ex integrated) (Dependency: ABH14414)--
TRUMA MonoControl CS (incl. gas filter) (Dependency: ABH14309, ABH14416)1-
TRUMA DuoControl CS (incl. gas filter) (Dependency: ABH14309, ABH14416)1-
Gas detector (Dependency: ABH14309)--
Smoke detector--
External gas socket (Dependency: ABH14309)1-
Heating TRUMA Combi E (Dependency: ABH14422)1-
ALDE hot water heating (Dependency: ABH14309, ABH14310, ABH16949, ABH43206)39-
Electric underfloor heating - from body length 56017-
ALDE hot water underfloor heating (Dependency: ABH14436)10-
Heating control panel ALDE LCD (Dependency: ABH14436)--
Air conditioning DOMETIC Freshjet 2200 (OEM) (Dependency: ABH14309, ABH14440, Note: H145)29-
Waste water tank 25 ltr., rollable4-
"bluuwater" water filter system1-
City water connection2-
Level indicator for fresh water tank--
Electronics / Multimedia / Safety
Combi external socket (electricity + TV)--
Socket plus Package--
Atmospheric ambient lighting3-
Mobile system 12 V with automatic charger, main switch and level indicator for fresh water (Dependency: ABH14448)5-
Mobile system 12 V with battery, automatic charger, main switch and fresh water level indicator (Dependency: ABH14450, ABH14448)29-
LiFePO4-board battery (Dependency: ABH14453, ABH14454)12-
TV preparation with socket and cable laying / feed-through--
SAT system CARO® + Premium (Dependency: ABH14458, Note: H145)17-
27" SMART TV set with HD tuner (Dependency: ABH14460, Note: H145)4-
TV holder (Dependency: ABH20837)2-
KNAUS Bluetooth sound system2-
Velocate® GPS tracker (Note: H146)--
Velocate® LIFETIME license with unlimited, personal, EU-wide tracking (Dependency: ABH14462)--
Velocate® sensors (gas, temperature, motion) (Dependency: ABH14464)--
Awning / Awning Accessories
Awning 455 x 250 cm - on-roof mounting, white (Dependency: ABH14467, ABH14468)33-
MOT and registration document--
Breakdown service set2-
MediKit voucher (Note: H137)--
Soap and washing-up liquid dispenser1-