As diverse as your holiday

A camper van should be one thing: practical. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t also be beautiful. From the modern and tasteful colour concepts to the elegant illumination to the numerous small details, there is a lot to see in the diverse BOXSTAR 600.

  • Numerous bed types
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Open bath or permanent bath
  • Soft‐close furniture flaps
Living Cooking Sleeping Care Materials

Comfort as long as it is wide

The width of the bench can easily be enlarged by sliding one seat to the side. And since it is TÜV certified, it can stay like this even while on the road. However, if you do not need the additional seating, you can choose our 2BE model. It’s without the bench, but extra storage in an additional cabinet.

Welcome to the chef's kitchen

With a large three‐flame cooker, soft‐close ceiling cabinet doors and deep sink including cover, the BOXSTAR 600 STREET (right) covers all the bases. And because it is also a feast for the eyes, the new cabinet fronts have been designed with a modern texture and exquisite recess décor with cross‐grid pattern.

BOXSTAR 600 Lifetime Interieur Küche

We might be really good at what we do, but we’re not magicians. Individual beds simply need more room than transversal beds. That’s why in the LIFETIME the kitchen is somewhat more compact than in the STREET. But still really good.

BOXSTAR 600 Lifetime Interieur tiefe Spüle

The deep wash basins and the comfortable shelf turn the daily chore of washing the dishes into child’s play.

Late risers welcome

At their longest point, the comfortable single beds in the LIFETIME extend to 2.02 metres and therefore offer more than sufficient space. Even for adults. The spacious shelves and overhead cabinets can easily hold all types of luggage and miscellaneous items.

BOXSTAR 600 Lifetime Interieur 2-Zonen Komfort-Kaltschaummatratzen

One of the most important things on holiday is a good night’s sleep. And that is precisely what we developed our comfort cold‐foam mattress for. Shown here in the 2‐zone design, it is among the best you will find in a camper van.

BOXSTAR 600 Lifetime Interieur Bett

Lots of storage underneath the bed. For everything that you like to take along on your holiday or for everyday use.

BOXSTAR 540 MQ Road Interieur Kleiderschrank

Some garments you’d just rather hang up. This won’t be a problem in the BOXSTAR 600.

A fixed bathroom for on the go

Our fixed bathroom is a real classic and offers you everything that you need on your travels. And in addition even a unique KNAUS patent: a blow‐up air hose sewn into the shower curtain to ensure that it does not cling to your body, but nicely keeps its distance. Simply ingenious, don’t you think?

BOXSTAR 600 upholstery options

Indian Summer
Active Line
Active Rock
Active Line
Active Royal
Las Vegas