As diverse as your holiday

A camper van should be one thing: practical. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t also be beautiful. From the modern and tasteful colour concepts to the elegant illumination to the numerous small details, there is a lot to see in the diverse BOXSTAR 600.

  • Numerous bed types
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Open bath or permanent bath
  • Soft‐close furniture flaps

They adore the large space

Whether eating, planning, or laughing – the cosy kitchenette is the ideal place for Lena and Theo to enjoy life. As they can arrive anywhere in their BOXSTAR 600, there are fresh flowers for Lena every day.

Cooking is done with love here

It’s also done with fresh herbs from Provence. Due to the counter top extension there is plenty of preparation space alongside the spacious storage units.

LIFETIME kitchen variant

The longer single beds change the kitchen layout, but certainly not the high‐quality furnishings.

Refrigerator at a sensible height

The refrigerator is placed at shoulder level for maximum comfort in all layouts without single beds.

Spacious drawers

The ball‐bearing mounted soft‐close full‐extension slides are both extremely durable and simple to use.

Too nice for sleeping

Lena and Theo would prefer not to leave the comfortable beds if at all possible. They don’t have to. Due to the large doorways they have a grand view from here.

FAMILY Bed variants

Comfortable and varied bunk beds make family vacations in a camper van extremely enjoyable.

Permanent bath variant

The classic permanent bath also has high‐quality furnishings. One special feature: An air hose is integrated in the shower curtain to prevent it clinging to the body.

STREET bed variants

The comfortable transversal bed conveys an even greater sense of space.

BOXSTAR 600 Upholstery Options

Indian Summer
Active Line
Active Rock
Active Line
Active Royal
Las Vegas