A statement for freedom of travel

The KNAUS BOXSTAR 630 is a star in camper van heaven. With a high roof, large single beds, an open bathroom and an optional fold‐down bed, it combines the best of all BOXSTAR models with the holiday qualities of a full‐blown motorhome. All of this makes it the perfect companion for all holiday types.

  • New furniture design with a contoured design
  • CUV compressor refrigerator with 90 L volume
  • Closed, cold‐conduct‐free insulation
  • Floating dinette table

BOXSTAR 630 Profile

Perm. total weight:
3.500 kg
636 cm
Width (outer/inner):
205 / 187 cm
Height (outer/inner):
282 / 218 cm
Layout plans:
1 version
Technical data as pdf

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BOXSTAR 630 variant