Product warning and recall

Liquid gas hobs from DOMETIC | Danger of leaking hob gas pipes and hob gas regulator units | Danger of serious injury!

Dear customers,

We place high demands on the safety and quality of our products. We equally attach great importance to open and trusting communication.

Therefore we would like to draw your attention to the fact that we have been informed by our supplier, DOMETIC Germany GmbH, about a potential hazard with liquid gas hobs. According to this information, it cannot currently be ruled out that a leak and an uncontrolled gas leak may occur in liquid gas hobs from the manufacturer DOMETIC. Specifically, the following products of the manufacturer DOMETIC are currently affected:

  • 9600027605 / Dometic PI8022 EU / cooktop
  • 9600027606 / Dometic PI8022 12V ignition AM / cooktop
  • 9600027608 / Dometic PI8023 AM / cooktop
  • 9600037309 / Dometic CE99‐ZF AM / cooktop
  • 9600037310 / Dometic CE99‐ZF OEM / cooktop
  • 9600037313 / Dometic CE99‐DF AM / cooktop
  • 9600037315 / Dometic KSK2007R / cooktop
  • 9600037317 / Dometic PI9003 / cooktop
  • 9600037319 / Dometic MO9722R Piezo / combination
  • 9600037320 / Dometic P9722L Piezo / combination
  • 9600037321 / Dometic MO9722R AM / combination
  • 9600037322 / Dometic MO9722L AM / combination
  • 9600037324 / Dometic MO9222R / combination
  • 9600037325 / Dometic MO9222L / combination

We must currently assume that all produced by us from autumn 2020 onwards in which we listalled the cookers listed in the overview are affected by the problem. This applies to all models and series.

With these hobs there is a risk that the gas escaping in an uncontrolled way could ignite. This could also lead to flames in the area of the gas regulator units. Furthermore, it cannot be ruled out that the air‐gas mixture will explode in the worst case. This could cause serious injuries to you and any third parties!

So far, we have no knowledge of any incident resulting in an injury.

Supplementary information is available on the DOMETIC Germany GmbH website:

Please be sure to observe the following warnings:

  • Visit your nearest authorised dealer immediately to have your LPG hob (including piping and gas regulator units) checked!
  • Please do not use the hob from now on, close the shut‐off valve for the hob and keep it closed!

Failure to comply with these safety instructions could endanger your own safety and the safety of third parties!

Instructions on how to close the shut‐off valve can be found here:

We are currently in consultation with Dometic about the necessary inspection of the vehicles and the possibly required repair measures. You will receive further information on the safety campaign and its implementation here shortly.

We apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

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