The KNAUS E.POWER technology

Classic holiday. Technology of tomorrow.

You can’t really have a camping holiday any faster, safer & more comfortable than with the E.POWER models. Choose your suitable gas‐free caravan from 10 SPORT E.POWER SELECTION layouts and 3 SÜDWIND layouts with E.POWER package. Swap the unneeded wintersuitable equipment of the standard vehicles for more storage space, state‐of‐the‐art electrical appliances, simpler operation, increased safety and reduced maintenance!

  • Gas‐free eCaravanning
  • Increased safety and intuitive operation
  • Reduced maintenance effort (no need to change gas bottles)
  • More storage space due to elimination of gas installation and gas bottles
  • Lower total weight
  • Smart energy control

ONE NIGHT STAND: How to make your E.POWER caravan self‐sufficient for one night

Enjoy maximum freedom with the optional Einhell ONE NIGHT STAND system, consisting of the battery docking station „Caravan Charger“ and the high‐performance exchangeable battery „Power X‐Change“. The 6Ah Power X‐Change battery pack with particularly efficient Li‐Ion cells supplies the electrical appliances (12V) independently of the shore power connection.

Self‐sufficient on the road with E.POWER and EINHELL

  • 2 in 1: The high‐performance „Caravan Charger“ is both a power supply and a battery charger
  • Active Battery Management System for maximum safety, performance, endurance and long life *
  • Self‐sufficient for 1 night: the system powers the lights, water pump & compressor refrigerator **

* Please note that the possible usage time of a battery per charging cycle depends on various factors, such as the number and power consumption of the end consumers operated, the age of the battery, etc., and is limited by these. Therefore, a minimum usage time per charging cycle cannot be guaranteed.

** ** For even more independence & longer standing times, you will find suitable options in the current price list and at

KNAUS Konfigurator - Mit wenigen Klicks zum Traum-Fahrzeug - Jetzt Fahrzeug konfigurieren

With a few clicks to the perfect caravan

A caravan is more than a vehicle – it is your mobile home. To make sure you feel 100% comfortable, you can easily and quickly put together your motorhome according to your wishes using our configurator.