Timeless appearance, high-quality details

For many caravans, their low starting price quickly becomes apparent. Not for this one. KNAUS SPORT has everything that has been making its bigger brother so successful for so many years. This does not only include the high‐quality exterior design, but also a wide range of equipment that makes the SPORT so comfortable and safe.

  • Hail‐resistant GRP roof
  • AKS stabiliser
  • Gas bottle locker without loading sill.
  • Modern rear taillights
Der KNAUS SPORT - Caravan des Jahres 2022 2.Platz


여러분의 스포츠 카라반의 사이즈가 크더라도 안심하십시오. 최고급 섀시와 시험을 통해 검증된 안전장치(보조 바퀴)로 돌기 힘든 모퉁이들을 쉽게 회전하실 수 있습니다.

KNAUS SPORT Exterieur - FoldXpand Heckkonstruktion

The automotive Fold Xpand rear construction with flush‐mounted taillight carrier provides greater interior space for the same vehicle length. The striking look is complemented by the rear windows in a dynamic trapezoidal shape & further developed CATEYE evolution taillights with integrated failure sensors.

KNAUS SPORT - Extrem belastbarer Alu-Riffelblechboden

Function & design: The striking gas box is particularly easy to operate with just one hand thanks to an intuitive opening mechanism. An extremely resilient aluminium chequer plate floor also enhances user‐friendliness with a particularly low loading edge.

TREND Aufbautür mit Kiipernetz am KNAUS SPORT Wohnwagen

With its reduced design, the TREND body door perfectly matches the sporty exterior. Inside, the Kiiper net offers practical storage space.

KNAUS SPORT - Seitenwände serienmäßig in Alu-Hammerschlag

Aluminium hammer effect sheet on side walls as standard.