The lightest fully integrated motorhome in its class.

Low fuel consumption and higher maximum load, those were our goals. That’s why we’ve saved over 120 kg in the construction of the VAN I. We didn’t achieve this by leaving anything out, but rather through our intelligent vehicle construction. This enables us to retain all features – and most of them were even improved on, just like the premium exterior of our fully‐integrated compact motorhome.

  • Lightest vehicle in its class
  • Automotive bumpers and lights
  • Practical ServiceBox
  • Extra‐large panorama windscreen
  • Best technology
  • KNAUS STYLE body door

Light as a feather

This is how beautiful lightweight can be: The VAN I does not just look great, it also drives great.

The KNAUS STYLE cabin door has a practical waste bin on the inside and two clothes hooks.

Dynamic lines and progressive design language ensure a striking appearance.

Optimal sikt og behagelig lys takketvære valgfrie LED kjørelys.

Unikt aluminiumsunderstellmfor maksimal holdbarhet.

Støpte deler fremstilt  av ABS- PMMA plast sikrer det dynamiske utseendet til VAN-serien

High‐strength GRP roof.

Standard rammevindu reduserer vindstøy, er spesielt sikkert og ser bra ut

Rear garage.