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  400 LK  
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Optional equipmentkg
Chassis / Load Increase
AL-KO Trailer Control-ATC - Anti-skid system (2.0)4-
Drawbar cover (Dependency: ABH14478)4-
Winter cover for gas locker in KNAUS design2-
Load increase to 1.400 kg*** (1.500 kg chassis)12-
Load increase to 1.500 kg*** (1.500 kg chassis)12-
Bicycle carrier for 2 bikes, drawbar: THULE Caravan SUPERB (Dependency: ABH14484)10-
Bicycle carrier for 2 bikes, rear: THULE LIFT V16 (Dependency: ABH16953)17-
Roof rail10-
TRUMA Mover XT (Dependency: ABH14332)24-
Spare tyre holder for 17'' alloy rim in KNAUS design, mounted on underbody (Dependency: ABH14488)7-
Spare tyre 17'' alloy rim in KNAUS design incl. jack (Dependency: ABH14492)31-
Spare tyre holder in the gas locker1-
Body door: KNAUS PREMIUM2-
Living / Sleeping / Upholstery And Fabrics
EvoPore HRC mattress incl. WaterGEL topper, fixed beds only (Dependency: ABH14514)6-
Bunk bed (double) (Dependency: ABH14518, ABH14517)--
Bunk bed (triple) (Dependency: ABH14522, ABH14521)10-
Lateral bed instead of seating group in the front (Dependency: ABH14525, ABH14526)5-
Fitted sheet set, precisely fitting for the mattress shape - for 2 beds (fixed beds) (Dependent on layout)1-
Upholstery selection: ACTIVE ROYAL--
Upholstery selection: ACTIVE ROCK--
Carpet floor - body length up to 4606-
Kitchen / Bathroom
Shower extension standard washroom, consisting of: Extendable shower head, holder for shower head and shower curtain2-
Heating / Air Conditioning / Gas Supply / Water Supply
Electric floor heating - up to body length 50011-
Fresh water tank 25 ltr. rollable (Dependency: ABH14338)4-
City water connection (Dependency: ABH14544)2-
Level indicator for fresh water tank (Dependency: ABH14546)--
Electronics / Multimedia / Safety
One Night Stand: high-performance Caravan Charger docking station, 6Ah Power X-Change battery pack with particularly efficient Li-Ion cells (Dependency: ABH14400, ABH31404)3-
Mobile system 12 V with automatic charger, main switch and level indicator for fresh water (Dependency: ABH14546, ABH14448)5-
Mobile system 12 V with battery, automatic charger, main switch and fresh water level indicator (Dependency: ABH14550, ABH14448)29-
Lithium-ion board battery (Dependency: ABH14453, ABH14454)12-
SAT system CARO® + Premium (Dependency: ABH14552, Note: H145)17-
24" SMART TV set with HD tuner (Dependency: ABH14460)3-
KNAUS Bluetooth sound system2-
Velocate® GPS tracker (Note: H146)--
Velocate® LIFETIME license with unlimited, personal, EU-wide tracking (Dependency: ABH14462)--
Velocate® sensors (gas, temperature, motion) (Dependency: ABH14464)--
Awning / Awning Accessories
Awning 265 x 200 cm - on-roof mounting, white (Dependency: ABH14554)25-
Breakdown service set2-

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