Assistance systems

The comfort benefit in the KNAUS VAN TI PLUS

Driver assistance and safety systems have been providing more safety on the roads for years. The VAN TI PLUS brings the most modern techniques into the motorhome sector. For example, emergency brake assist and electromechanical power steering are standard on board. Other systems, such as lane departure warning or fatigue detection round off the safety package in the VAN TI PLUS.

  • Emergency brake assistant EBA
  • Multi‐collision brake
  • Tyre pressure control indicator
  • Traffic sign recognition

Standard equipment

More safety. More driving pleasure. More efficiency. This is ensured by innovative driver assistance systems, most of which are standard equipment on the VAN TI PLUS. Optionally, you can choose exactly what you need for your dream holiday. 


ABS, ESP & hill‐start assist

The three musketeers of driving safety. ABS (anti‐lock braking system) ensures that the wheels do not lock in the event of emergency braking and that the vehicle can always be steered in an optimally controlled manner. The ESP (Electronic Stability Programme) is particularly useful during tight cornering, slowing down individual wheels to avoid breaking the bend. The hill start assistant guarantees precise starting even on steep slopes. This is a safety benefit, which will also be appreciated by the driver behind you.

Assistenzsysteme im KNAUS VAN TI PLUS - Start-Stopp-System

Start‐stop system with braking energy recovery

Use energy cleverly. This is optimally implemented using these two technologies. The engine is automatically switched off when the vehicle is stationary. As soon as you operate the clutch again, the engine starts and uses the energy previously released during the braking process. How does it work? Through recuperation. The braking energy is stored in the battery and is then available to accelerate again. Simply brilliant.

Assistenzsysteme im KNAUS VAN TI PLUS - Notbremsassistent EBA

Emergency brake assistant

Predictive driving is now even safer. The emergency brake assistant monitors the traffic situation in front of your VAN TI PLUS and warns against too short intervals by braking automatically. Rearend collisions can be avoided or mitigated in this way.

Elektromechanische Servolenkung im KNAUS VAN TI PLUS

Electromechanical power steering

Power steering is now standard equipment in all vehicle classes. The electromechanical version is a luxury trim detail which reduces fuel consumption while increasing safety. Unlike the hydraulic steering assistance, electromechanical power steering only needs energy if you actually steer. In addition, the driver’s force input from the steering wheel can transmit important information to other driver assistance systems, thereby positively influencing both the parking process and accident prevention.

Elektronische Wegfahrsperre im KNAUS VAN TI PLUS

Electronic immobiliser

Optional equipment

With these clever additional options, you can customise your VAN TI PLUS to your individual preferences and requirements. Decide for yourself how you want to discover the world. The weight‐saving front‐wheel drive is part of the standard equipment but can optionally be replaced by a dynamic rear‐wheel drive or traction‐strong all‐wheel drive.

Nebelscheinwerfer inkl. Abbiegelicht am KNAUS VAN TI PLUS - Assistenzsysteme

Fog lights incl. turning light

In order for the road to be well lit even when turning, the fog lights have an additional light that radiates in exactly the direction in which you turn the vehicle.

VAN TI PLUS - Tempomat mit Geschwindigkeitsbegrenzer

Cruise control with speed limiter

You can easily set your preferred speed with the cruise control and automatically keep this constant for the vehicle. Ideal on long journeys on motorways and country roads. The speed limiter is particularly useful in urban areas. You can for instance set it to 50 km/h once and you can be sure that you do not accelerate beyond the set speed until your switch it off. 

VAN TI PLUS - Abstandsgeregelter Tempomat (ACC) mit Geschwindigkeitsbegrenzer

Distance‐regulated cruise control (ACC) with speed limiter

In addition to the benefits of cruise control and speed limiters, optional distance regulation is also available, as is known in the passenger car sector. This additionally includes the distance to the vehicle ahead in cruise control, automatically corrects speed and keeps a safe distance. 

VAN TI PLUS - Berganfahrassistent mit Bergabfahrhilfe

Hill start assist with hill descent control (only for 4x4)

It usually gets really exciting once you are over the hill (the hill start assist has helped to prevent unintentional rollback on the slope). In order to also maximise vehicle stability during downhill driving and on different surfaces, this assistance system controls the speed constantly. This allows you to concentrate optimally on the steering.

KNAUS VAN TI PLUS Assistenzsysteme - Fernlichtassistent Light Assist

High‐beam assistant „Light Assist"

Never experience the unintentional glare of oncoming traffic again. The Light Assist automatically switches from a high to low beam during night driving when a vehicle approaches you.

VAN TI PLUS Assistenzsysteme - Aktiver Spurhalteassistent

Active lane departure warning system

The active lane departure warning system helps you to always keep the vehicle in lane by means of electromechanical power steering. Unique in the motorhome sector, the lane departure warning system of MAN TGE does not use the brakes, but regulates deviations using a correction in the steering gear and the power steering pump, as in the automotive sector. From a speed of 65 km/h, it switches on automatically and ensures that you do not get off track unintentionally.

KNAUS VAN TI PLUS - Verkehrszeichenerkennung

Traffic sign recognition

Did the sign just say 100 or 120? Good to know that there is traffic sign recognition on board which can provide reliable support in such situations. A sensor monitors the signs on the roadside and sends you the corresponding information directly to the cockpit display. In this way, the current maximum speed is always on display.

KNAUS VAN TI PLUS - Müdigkeitserkennung

Fatigue detection

Long stretches without breaks entail an increased risk of fatigue and accidents. To protect you from this, the fatigue detection system will alert you in appropriate situations, telling you to take a break or, even better, to change the driver. The basis for this are certain steering patterns which indicate increased fatigue.

Scheibenwischer‐Intervallschaltung mit Regensensor und automatische Fahrlichtschaltung

Windscreen wipers with interval circuit and rain sensor and automatic headlight switching

KNAUS VAN TI PLUS - 177 PS Frontantrieb

177 PS Front‐wheel drive, 8‐speed torque converter automatic transmission