Our sunshine

Get out of the ski boots and get into the warm and cosy KNAUS SUN TI. Our special winterready sunbather stands alone in the partially integrated class. Thanks to the pleasant floor heating system and the innovative double floor, even the harshest winter doesn’t stand a chance. While the snow is falling outside, the comfort and cosiness inside slowly increases in the living area with its unique lighting and enormous skylight. With this view, everyone will be looking forward to the next trip.

  • Innovative double floor
  • CI-BUS regulation
  • Patented service box
  • Sophisticated furniture construction
  • Elegant ambient lighting
  • Cabinet doors with soft-close function

SUN TI Profile

Perm. total weight:
3.500 kg
Length (min/max):
699 / 747 cm
Width (ext/int):
234 / 218 cm
Height (ext/int):
294 / 200 cm
Rear garage (max):
80 x 120 cm
Technical data as pdf

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