Three axles for the highest demands in luxury.

The SUN I is not only the flagship of the KNAUS fleet. It is our definition of passion and enthusiasm; of perfection and luxury. We have designed the vehicle interior in such a manner that it doesn’t just meet the highest demands, it exceeds them. Beginning with the stylish floors constructed in a yacht design and including the most beautiful and luxurious ambient lights that were ever used in a mobile home: Every SUN I is full of fascination.

  • Ambient lighting in LED technology
  • Retractable 32‟ LED‐TV
  • Large glass cabinet
  • Electric floor storage compartment
starting from 103.220,00 £
Living Cooking Sleeping Care Materials

Exclusive cabin feeling

Is there anything better than warming up with a hot chocolate? Of course, if you’re also sitting in a SUN I and casting your mind back to the day’s adventures on the piste.

Retractable 32“ LED‐TV

The full‐HD television is electrically brought up from its storage space at the touch of a button. For great entertainment and exceptional ease of use.


Broad passage or longer side bench? The armrest can adapt to your wishes.

Innovative KNAUS smart CI system

As well as controlling the lights, monitoring the battery, and many other functions, the air‐conditioning can be split into 2 zones if correspondingly equipped in the SUN I as a particular highlight.

A kitchen to melt into

So re ned and of such high quality, even Anton’s fondue is softer. Both can nd everything they need to magic up rst‐class dishes.

Additional storage space

The unique storage compartment in the double oor is not just spacious, it is also useful in electrical terms so that you can reach your vegetables more readily.

Huge 177 liter refrigerator

So much space for treats and thanks to double stop the door can be opened easily in both directions.

Soft‐close drawers

The quality full‐ extension slides from GRASS satisfy the most rigorous demands.

Layer of snow outside, duvet inside

Resting on the quality EvoPore mattresses is so comfortable, that Marie and Anton could simply watch the snow akes dance down all day long.

Welcome to the beauty salon

A touch of sunscreen on the nose, then Anton is ready, with the luxury bathroom, to shine like the sun.

Variable luxury bathroom

The door does not just close the toilet area to the passage, but also closes the entire bathroom to the living area. Greater privacy or mobility, whatever you prefer.

Practical heater

So that your hand towels have their place and are still dried out.

Greater Mobility

If the door is closed to the passage then the result is a particularly spacious bathroom that leaves nothing to be desired and also gives you maximum freedom of movement.