Even as a two-axle vehicle, a true luxury liner

The SUN I is not only the flagship of the KNAUS fleet. It is our definition of passion and enthusiasm; of perfection and luxury. We have designed the vehicle interior in such a manner that it doesn’t just meet the highest demands, it exceeds them. Beginning with the stylish floors constructed in a yacht design and including the most beautiful and luxurious ambient lights that were ever used in a mobile home: Every SUN I is full of fascination.

  • Ambient lighting in LED technology
  • Retractable 32‟ LED‐TV
  • Large glass cabinet
  • Electric floor storage compartment
Living Cooking Sleeping Care Materials

Live a life of luxury

In the lounge both Marie and Anton can really enjoy themselves. As good as a drop of the vintage is, the interior is just as tasteful. Everything is just great.

Retractable 32“ LED‐TV

Features various connection options and FULL HD resolution so that you are well entertained.

Textile wall covers

Unique in this price category and one of many reasons for the thoroughly welcoming atmosphere in the SUN I.

KNAUS smart CI

The control panel with a 4.3 inch touch screen is intuitive to use and means you can easily operate the lights in the entire vehicle, check battery levels, and control the heating and air‐conditioning.

Kitchen fun with high gloss

When rinsing the glasses Anton can’t say for sure what shines the most: the sink, the glasses, or Marie’s blue eyes.

Sleep blissfully and wake up relaxed

Anton whispers „Je t’aime“ and Marie is not quite sure if he meant her or the comfortable mattress instead. However, both would be understandable.

Both couldn’t wish for a bigger bathroom

The 3D open bath impresses with a separate porcelain toilet and generously‐ proportioned glass shower cabin. Très chic!

Retractable wall

If you would like to use the bath and enjoy some privacy as your partner is showering or in bed, then it is possible to enlarge it due to the retractable wall.

Spacious shower

Featuring plenty of shelves and a large, optional skylight. This means everything is pleasantly light during showering and then quickly dry once again.