Optional Equipment

  900 LEG  
Standard equipment
Optional equipment
Not possible
Equipmentkg700 LG700 LEG700 LX900 LEG900 LX
Base vehicle
Fiat Ducato
Fiat Ducato 5.000 kg, 2,3 l Multijet 150 (110 kW/150 PS)-
Fiat Ducato 5.000 kg, 2,3 l Multijet 180 (130 kW/180 PS)-
Fiat Ducato 4.000 kg, 2,3 l Multijet 150 (110 kW/150 PS)-
Fiat Ducato 4.000 kg, 2,3 l Multijet 180 (130 kW/180 PS)-
Airbag for passenger side2
Airbag for driver side2
Alloy rims (3-axle models)-
Alloy rims (2-axle models)-
Towing - removable tow bar ball head45
Trailer hitch, rigid (storage 250kg instead of 150kg)45
Payload increase for rear storage from 150 kg to 250 kg30
Rear view mirrors, electrically adjustable and heated (white)-
Load increase from 5,0to to 5,5to-
Load increase from 4,000 to 4,250 kg – only for engine size 2.3/130: For engine sizes 2.3/150 and 2.3/180 load increase from 4,000 to 4,400 kg-
Front window heated-
Height adjustment for pilot seats-
Grammer "Super-Luxury" driver seats-
Headrest for Grammer driver seat (only in combination with Option 202345 or Option 202346, material cover black, price quoted is for 1 unit)-
Extra seat, folding, seating position in direction of travel, Sun i (5th seat with seatbelt), not compatible with Option 252290-
Additional seat with belt against driving direction8
Instrument panel in Lounge design (bronze)1
Instrument panel in Techno design (aluminium)1
Air conditioning system, driver's cab, Fiat, automatic with particulate filter21
Automatic airconditioning system in driver's cab with pollen filter (140) rather than manual (025)-
Air-conditioning system FIAT, driver's cab, manual18
Fuel tank 120 ltr.2
Support legs, rear10
Steering wheel and shift lever knob in leather-
Static curve light incl. fog lamps-
Motor heat exchanger (only in combination with Alde hot water heating)4
Knaus wheel covers2
Generator 200 A – more powerful generator, Fiat-
LED dim light1
Tempomat – Cruise Control2
Air suspension system for 3-axle models - AL-KO Air Premium X2 for rear axels-
Air suspension system for 3-axle models - AL-KO Air Premium X$ for front and rear axels-
2–channel air suspension with compressor for Fiat chassis10
Tyre pressure sensors (not possible with AMC-Chassis)1
Windows, doors, ventilation
Front blinds either folding or as desired electronical-
Garage doors on driver side, additional (size 100 x 120 , size 80 x 110 for 700 LX)10
Midi-Heki with lighting8
Panorama roof window in rear 130 x45 cm-
GSM/GPS Geolocation system (hardware)1
Bike rack on rear (2 bikes)-
Store boxes for garage (3 pieces)-
Orga–Fix Garage Arrangement System 2: 2 holding rails on floor incl. fixing eyelets and fastening elements across the whole rear wall, additional clothes bag, shoe bag and bike rack5
Interoir fittings
Storage instead of lifting bed-
Carpet in driver's cab-
Carpet in living area-
Mattress, comfort foam, heatable-
Sliding bed actuator, electrical-
Fitted sheet set "the perfect fit" (for rear bed and lift-up bed)-
Dark Coffee' leather-
Ecru leather-
Floor storage with lifting function-
Bed enlargement-
Alde heating instead of Truma heating-XX
Alde Smart Control (only possible with 550566)-
MonoControl CS1
Roof-top air-conditioning Dometic Freshjet 1100 (bed area)-
Remote display DuoC (Eis Ex integrated)-
Kitchen area
Arrangement system for kitchen drawers-
Macerator toilet (incl. recirculating pump function from waste water tank to waste-holding tank)-
SOG toilet ventilation-
Outside shower, connection in garage left, only in combination with Option 100526-
Inverter incl. 3. board AGM battery (Victron EasyPlus 1600 VA, 3000 watt top efficiency)-
32" TV unit with HD tuner incl. TV comfort pull-out electric (living area)-
32" TV unit with HD tuner incl. TV holder (bed area)-
22" TV unit with HD tuner incl. TV holder (bed area)-
TV pull-out in outside area/double floor incl. 32" TV unit with HD tuner incl. 2 bluetooth headphones (only in combination with 210004), Option 552362 omitted-
Radio Fiat DAB+, CD, navigation and touch-screen incl. steering wheel remote control – only possible in combination with Option 252144 DAB+ antenna1,5
DAB+ antenna0,5
Radio, all-in-one navigation system with DAB+ and camping software – only possible in combination with Option 252144 DAB+ antenna1
USB socket1
WLAN module with integrated "KNAUS smartCI” app2
Awning Omnistor 600 cm x 275cm, white-
Awning Omnistor 455cm x 250cm, white-
LED light strip for Omnistor 8000 awning 600 cm x 275 m (only in combination with Option 501272)-
TÜV + Registration certificate-

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