Structure & quality

Integrated motorhomes

We are experts for functional solutions. Best example: our patented serviceBox. She combined the fresh water supply, the drain taps for fresh‐, sewage and boiler. Also the exact air channels for windscreen ventilationand the clever spacious bathroom show, that we are not only constantly thinking, but further.

  • optimum technology
  • durable TVT structure
  • a well thought‐out concept 
  • maximum safety
  • practical ServiceBox
  • smart CI system

Optimum technology for the most beautiful time of the year

Durable TVT structure

Functional sandwich construction made of aluminium and insulating materials (XPS or EPS) with polyurethane plastic reinforcements and fully bonded structure make the whole structure of the vehicle more stable, more resistant to decay, and more durable. This is what Top Value Technology – in short: TVT represents. (Optional)

Robust high‐strength GRP proof

Not all GRP is the same. Resistance depends on how high the glass content is. For maximum protection against hailstorms, we decided on the high‐strength variant with a fibreglass content that is almost three times greater than that of standard GRP. (Across all series)

Excellent GRP underbody

We install a thick, tough GRP layer in order to best protect the underbody against weather, impacts from stones, or similar. (Dependent on model)

Insulating double floor

Our double floor ensures cosy warmth due to doublelayer insulation even in the coldest outside temperatures. Water and heating pipes are installed such that they are protected against frost and damage. (Dependent on model)

ALKO tandem deep frame chassis

The low centre of gravity and the particularly torsionresistant chassis ensure exceptional driving and comfort features as well as maximum safety when driving. An additional benefit is that the low chassis height provides more room to stand and more loading volume even with compact dimensions. (Dependent on model)

Exclusive to SUN I: Our especially highquality and durable TVT+ structure

What is one of the most important aspects in designing a motorhome? That, regardless of the weather, you can have fun on vacation with it. That should also last many, many years. For this reason, we developed aluminium‐XPS‐aluminium structures and christened it Top Value Technology+.

Durable TVT+ structure

This is bodywork technology at a purely luxurious level: An outer shell made of highly‐resistant aluminium sheets, quality XPS insulation between them, and aluminium sheet on the inside with a textile wall covering. This double‐wall structure increases the torsion resistance of the structure, and therefore ensures maximum durability. The aluminium sheet on the inside ideally collects and dissipates the heat in your SUN I, providing a uniquely pleasing atmosphere. The TVT+ structure also provides benefits with regard to safety. Despite the GRP roof, the aluminium interior wall creates a Faraday cage that provides optimal protection even in heavy storms. (Dependent on model)

Excellent insulation effect

The aluminium and XPS combination is the best that can be used for the outer shell of a motorhome. It is therefore no surprise that the side wall is comparable to a typical house wall with regard to its insulating effect. Your benefit: Lower gas consumption in winter and ideal protection from heat in summer. (Dependent on model)

Textile wall covering

The textile wall covering does not just create a homely atmosphere with its pleasant and soft surface, but it also improves the acoustics and heat storage. (Dependent on model)

Optimal protection against decay

Coated aluminium and hydrophobic XPS insulation together make a side wall that is resistant to decay, and it also ensures a long vehicle life due to age‐resistant materials and high torsion resistance. (Dependent on model)

A throughly well-designed concept for your vacation enjoyment

An excellent motorhome is the combination of innumerable practical and high‐quality details. We have summarised a few points here for you so that you can see what exactly can be found in our integrated motorhomes.

Practical front blind

Whether a pleated blind or an insulating shutter. Whether electric or manual. Thanks to the practical front blind, curious glances, cold weather, and the glare of the sun all remain outside if required. (Across all series)

Air ducts driver’s cab heating

The front section of the dashboard is heated in a targeted manner in all integrated KNAUS vehicles. This does not just prevent misted windows, but the insulated porch area also works in a similar manner to an area heating system. This means that the same pleasant atmosphere in the vehicle also applies to the driver’s cab. (Across all series)

Practical double floor

Alongside the benefits with regard to insulation, the double floor has a practical advantage too. It also serves as a loading option for bulky objects such as skis or camping furniture, as well as several storage compartments for smaller utensils. A particular highlight: The storage space beneath the bench is easily accessible from both the inside and the outside. (Dependent on model)

Effective vehicle insulation

Optimal comfort regarding noise when driving, ideal insulation when still. We use a special high‐tech material in areas that are particularly heavily used, such as the wheelhouse and the engine compartment: Expanded propylene. This material has exceptional noise and heat insulation properties as well as being extremely resistant against mechanical effects. (Across all series)

Quality vehicle graphics

Timeless design means nothing if the vehicle starts looking old after only a few years. For this reason we only use quality products from renowned suppliers, such as 3M, Avery, and Oracal. (Across all series)

Travel without worries, arrive safely, relax and enjoy

When furnishing our motorhomes, we place great store on a high degree of safety and maximum ease of use. From specially developed windscreen wipers to particularly safe body doors to practical single‐handed operation.

Practical central locking

So that you don’t have to individually unlock and lock every single door, we have installed a convenient central locking system for the garage doors and service doors. Everything is secured at the touch of a button. It couldn’t be easier. (Dependent on model / Optional)

Maximum safety

Our large panorama windscreens in combination with the perfectly adjustable GRAMMER seats and the large side windows grant the greatest possible view looking upwards, downwards, and to the sides. We do not install any universal solutions with regard to our windscreen wipers, but use systems that are ideally adapted to the curvature of the windscreen to provide optimal performance. And finally, our windscreen heater effectively prevents misted windows. Put in short: more active safety for you by having an ideal view and optimal visibility. (Across all series)

Metal locks in body door

So you can sleep soundly at night, we install solid high‐tensile steel closing elements in our body doors so that you and your loved ones can enjoy a relaxed vacation. (Across all series)

Doors with single‐handed operation

Locked several times over, yet can still be operated with just one hand. We do not use fiddly twist‐action locks, but aim to provide maximum convenience instead. In addition, the double seal ensures that driving rain and strong winds do not have an effect on your vacation experience. (Across all series)

Connect, fill, release: Our ServiceBox covers everything

A power supply socket here, a drain tap there, and the fresh water tank somewhere else – supply technology may appear such in many motorhomes, but not in ours. The practical KNAUS ServiceBox is installed in every KNAUS motorhome, and it combines all important functions and connections in one central location. For maximum ease of use.

Supply technology

In our SUN I example vehicle this is stored in the double floor. This has the advantage that the whole installation is particularly frost‐proof and can be easily serviced via openings in the floor.

A. ServiceBox
B. Fresh water tank
C. Waste water tank
D. Batteries
E. Gas bottles

Einzigartige ServiceBox

Easier is not possible: a central ServiceBox for all adapters and drains in every KNAUS motorhome.

1. Filling the fresh water tank
2. Cleaning opening for fresh & waste water tank
3. Drain tap for fresh & waste water
4. Cable guide
5. Power supply
6. Frost monitor

An interior that delights

One challenge is to transfer an apartment with bathroom, bedroom, living area, and kitchen down into an area that is fit for the road. The other includes intelligent design solutions, such as dimmable atmospheric lighting that can turn a living area into your favourite space.

Quality materials

Quality materials are the basis of maximum durability. For this reason, we install items such as solid cast‐iron grates, scratch‐resistant stainless steel wash basins, quality metal handles, and much more. (Across all series)

Sat Navi with camping software

An entertaining, stress‐free journey is also part of a relaxing vacation. This is provided by our new Pioneer navigation system. With an intuitive multi‐touch user panel, maps for 44 European countries, DAB+ receiver, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Parrot Bluetooth hands‐free system, and optimum sound through to 13 band equalisers, it has everything you would expect from a modern multimedia navigation system. This also includes 3 years of free map updates. (Optional)

Magnetic catch

The quality magnetic catch means that the door can be used for various purposes in the open bath, whilst it also closes gently almost without making a noise. (Dependent on model)

Excellent EvoPore mattrasses

30% lighter and 40% lower reduction in firmness compared to similar cold foam mattresses. No depressions are created, even if only used on one side. The 5‐zone EvoPore mattresses don’t just pamper you with exceptional comfort when sleeping, they are also extremely durable. (Across all series)

Dimmable ambient lighting

Overhead cupboards, storage compartments, counter top, overhead compartments, canopies – wherever light makes vacation that little bit better, we use our integrated, dimmable ambient lighting. (Optional)

We don't build castles in the sky; instead we build furniture that creates a pleasant atmosphere

The expectations made of the furniture in our camper vans are very high. They are not just met with pleasing designs and a great deal of storage space. Durability, intelligent construction and technology that impresses for life – those are our measures.

Solid aluminium profiles

The furniture plays an important part in ensuring stability of the entire structure. That is why we use highly rigid aluminium profiles with our furniture. These are even more stable than solid timber profiles, and considerably lighter. (Across all series)

Adjustable soft‐close doors

No thumping, no rattling, no reclosing. The soft‐close drawers close gently and lock automatically. (Across all series)

Solid dowelling technology

Our furniture is joined using elaborate dowelling as standard. This means we achieve great precision in fitting, as well as a considerably more stable structure so that your furniture will still serve you well even after many years. (Across all series)

Scratch‐resistant HPL/CPL surfaces

High‐Pressure‐Laminate ist ein Schichtstoff, der speziell für die harte Belastung z. B. in Küchen zum Einsatz kommt. Der mehrschichtige Aufbau wird unter sehr hohem Druck hergestellt und mit einem besonders widerstandsfähigen Decklayer versiegelt. Das macht unsere Arbeits‐ und Tischplatten besonders kratzfest. (Across all series)

Stable soft‐close full‐extension slides

Bei unseren Schubladenauszügen arbeiten wir mit dem Qualitätszulieferer GRASS zusammen, der sonst hauptsächlich Markenmöbelhersteller beliefert. Und das spüren Sie. Dank Vollauszug fahren die Schubladen so weit heraus, dass sie bequem auch bis ganz hinten ein‐ und ausgeräumt werden können. Sie sind exakt geführt und schließen sanft – ein ganzes Fahrzeugleben lang und wahrscheinlich auch darüber hinaus. (Across all series)

KNAUS smart CI - all the technology in your hands

We’re always willing to think three steps ahead so that you don’t have to worry about technical details and just enjoy your vacation instead. With smart CI the centralised control of technical units just became particularly simple and user‐friendly.

Sophisticated technology

The KNAUS smartCI system has been used since its introduction in the 2014 SUN TI and is being constantly developed and improved. From the beginning, two things were particularly important to us: the system should be simple to maintain and repair, and on the other items such as light switches or the control panel for the heating should still function even if the smart CI system fails.

A. Control panel
B. Digitally networkable electric junction box
C. Lighting control modules with 8 digital outlets
D. Optional KNAUS ConnectBox

KNAUS Connect (optional)

Operate all functions around the vehicle easily using your smartphone and tablet via our app for iOS and Android. Access in the area near the vehicle is via a Bluetooth interface, and if you are further away a GSM interface can be used (1 year free of charge) to access your vehicle and, as an example, activate your heating even when down in the valley station so that you can arrive to a perfectly pre‐heated vehicle after skiing.

1. Centralised light controls
2. Temperature display
3. Water tank fill display
4. Charge level of the body and starter battery

… and all other functions such as the heating or air‐conditioning, for example

Innumerable functions - intuitive use

Our control panel has a 4.3 inch capacitive touch screen, and is the most pleasant and simple way of centrally monitoring all vehicle functions. It can be intuitively operated by touching the screen, just like a smartphone, and due to the Home button pressing a single button is enough to get back to the main menu.

Starscreen overview

All important vehicle information can be seen at a glance. Touching the individual areas takes you to a more detailed range of adjustment options.

Multi‐zone climate control unit

Several climate control zones can be controlled depending on the range of incorporated features. Select the desired temperature and the automatic system monitors the heating or the air‐conditioning depending on the situation.

Fill display of water tanks

You can see at a glance here what the fill levels of the tanks in the vehicle really are. In addition, the device provides an acoustic signal when filling the fresh water tank.

Light control in the entire vehicle

Dimming the main light in the living area, switching off the light in the bathroom, and also making the ambient lighting in the bedroom a bit brighter at the same time? Not a problem. The control panel can be used to ensure that you have the right lighting and a homely atmosphere in all areas of your KNAUS.

Detailed battery monitoring

Monitor the charge status of your batteries on board. Further information can be accessed in connection with a battery sensor (as standard with a body battery.

Practical front blind

The settings menu can be used for the optional front blind to select from predefined options and then select the desired position at the touch of a button.