Structure & quality

KNAUS motorhomes

Partly integrated motorhomes and alcove

Whether atmospheric ambient lighting, noble and high‐ quality surfaces or extraordinary new materials. We are looking forward that you feel completely comfortable in your holidays. Therefore it needs a little bit more than you need exactly.

Integrated motorhomes

We are experts for functional solutions. Best example: our patented serviceBox. She combined the fresh water supply, the drain taps for fresh‐, sewage and boiler. Also the exact air channels for windscreen ventilationand the clever spacious bathroom show, that we are not only constantly thinking, but further.

Kitchen-, bath- & bed variations partly integrated motorhomes

A feeling like at home‐ our interior design has exactly that goal. Depending on requirement and bias you have the choice of a numerous possibilities for bed, bath and kitchen. There is only one problem: You have to decide for one variation.

Kitchen-, bath- & bed variations semi-integrated motorhomes

Luxury and recovery pure! Discover a multiplicity of intelligence and spacious kitchen‐, bath‐ and bed variations. Every one was designed and implemented with the highest demands‐ so we create a comfortable athmosphere, which you actually only know from bigger apartments.