The high degree of engineering skill for the interior

Everything good comes from above. In the evening, the largest lifting bed in its class ensures heavenly sleep comfort and illuminates the spacious seating area. Thanks to the complex mechanics, the standing height is over 1.90 metres throughout. We don’t stop thinking about ways to improve our products for you.

  • The largest lifting bed in its class
  • Wonderful panorama skylight
  • USB ports for your smartphone or other devices
  • Foldable mirror and wash table
starting from 67.280,00 £
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While on vacation, you see your other half from a completely different perspective

How wonderful it is to be on the open road with Tina and Alf in the SKY WAVE. Three top models in one Polaroid. It doesn’t get better than this.

Lowerable 24‐inch LED TV

Another reason why the living area looks so elegant and tidy is because you can make the 24“ Full‐HD LED TV with integrated digital receiver disappear from sight behind the rear seat.

Soft‐close overhead cupboards

Close gently and lock automatically. And thanks to high‐quality hinges, they’ll do so for many years to come.

Spacious seating area

With a comfortable side seat for the occasional guest, or if you just want to put your feet up and relax.

Something to suit every taste

The large refrigerator has enough space for Tina’s favourite yoghurt, Florian’s various cheeses and Alf’s special food.

Variant – longitudinal kitchen

Thanks to the worktop extension, which can easily be folded in and out, you have plenty of space here to prepare a meal.

Multi‐functional ambient lighting

Not only does it ensure a pleasant lighting atmosphere, it also lights up the drawers to help you find what you are looking for quickly.

Practical and safe

The SKY WAVE drawers also have a soft‐close function.

The best view for sweet dreams

In the large drop down bed, Florian has Tina to himself again. Alf is not allowed to snuggle in between them. Although there is plenty of space for him to do so.

Spacious wardrobes

Access from the side and from above makes it particularly convenient to use the wardrobes.

Extra space to dream

The french bed can easily be extended at the foot end. This will quickly give you a larger bed area when you need it, and a wider hallway if you do not.

Practical storage options

A small storage space for the things that you want to keep within reach at night.

A bathroom to fall in love with

Tina never gets tired of the roomy shower cubicle and is already looking forward to the next shower as soon as she finishes her make‐up.

Variant – rear longitudinal bathroom

Thanks to the innovative swivelling wall, a shower cubicle is created in no time at all. The multi‐functionality of the room means it is very compact. The space saved benefits the living area and the feeling of space.

Variant – comfort bathroom

Every bit as multifunctional as the rear longitudinal bathroom, only with a different layout and located in the middle of the vehicle.


Active Line

Available against extra charge.

Active Line

Available against extra charge.