The modern art of interior construction

Modern interior tuned to our wavelenght! The SKY WAVE inspires in the interior with the finest ingredients and many optical delicacies. From the comfortable lifting bed with lighting to the generous standing height to the completely revised furniture construction: in the SKY WAVE you will find the perfect mixture of modern design, high‐quality ambience and practical equipment.

  • Largest lifting bed in its class
  • Wonderful panorama roof
  • USB sockets for smartphone & co.
  • Completely revised furniture construction
  • Numerous kitchen, bathroom and bed variants
  • Retractable 24" LED TV
Living Cooking Sleeping Care Materials
Gemütlicher Wohnraum im SKY WAVE von KNAUS

Open to new adventures

Although Sam would prefer to spend all of his time on the beach, he is also already looking forward to getting back to the cosy living area when he leaves.

SKY WAVE 650 MEG Versenkbarer 27 Zoll LED-TV im SKY WAVE 650 MEG
Lowerable 24-inch LED TV

Another reason why the living area looks so elegant and tidy is because you can make the 24‟ Full‐HD LED TV with integrated digital receiver disappear from sight behind the rear seat.

SKY WAVE 650 MEG KNAUS SKY WAVE Soft-Close-Oberschränke
Soft-close overhead cupboards

Close gently and lock automatically. And thanks to high‐quality hinges, they’ll do so for many years to come.

SKY WAVE 650 MEG KNAUS SKY WAVE Interieur - Optionale L-Sitzgruppe
Optional L‐shaped seating group

Make yourself even more comfortable here thanks to the large L‐shaped dinette. The lifting table on a central support column can be moved in all directions.

Geräumige Oberschränke im SKY WAVE

Find pleasure in every move

There is room for everything you need to prep, cook and enjoy your food in the spacious overhead cupboards. And thanks to the quiet soft‐close function, they close especially easily and almost by themselves when you need your hands for something else.

SKY WAVE 650 MEG SKY WAVE - Schubladen mit Vollauszug
Drawers with full extension

These can be removed completely, making them easy to fill and organise. The ambient lighting under the worktop illuminates the interior of the drawers so that you can find what you are looking for even more faster.

SKY WAVE 650 MEG Geräumiger Kühlschrank mit 133 oder 142 Liter Volumen - SKY WAVE
Spacious refrigerator

Whether your motorhome has a corner or longitudinal kitchen: you always get a separate 142/145‐litre refrigerator.

Großes Hubbett - SKY WAVE - Teilintegriertes Wohnmobil

The best view for sweet dreams

In the large lifting bed, Paul has Svenja to himself again. Sam is not allowed to snuggle in between them. Although there is plenty of space for him to do so.

SKY WAVE 650 MEG Geräumige Kleiderschränke - KNAUS SKY WAVE
Spacious wardrobes

Access from the side and from above makes it particularly convenient to use the wardrobes.

SKY WAVE 650 MEG Vollwertiges Hubbett KNAUS SKY WAVE
Fully‐fledged lifting bed

With a reclining area of 195 x 140 cm and high‐quality EvoPore HRC mattress, you are assured a particularly comfortable sleep here. The lifting bed travels especially far downwards so that it can be conveniently accessed.

SKY WAVE 650 MEG SKY WAVE - Praktische Ablagemöglichkeiten
Practical storage

There is room here for everything that you need to hand during the night or on waking.

Innovative Schwenkwand im SKY WAVE

A bathroom to fall in love with

Svenja is impressed time and again by the innovative swivel wall and ends each shower looking forward to the next.

SKY WAVE 650 MEG Effiziente Schwenkwand im SKY WAVE
Efficient swivel wall

Create a shower cabin or fully‐fledged washroom in seconds. The comfort bathroom is very compact thanks to the multifunctionality. The space saved adds to the living area and available space.

SKY WAVE 650 MEG SKY WAAVE 650 MEG mit viel Stauraum
Well thought-out storage space

The shelves on the mirror boast metal edges with a modern design so that nothing can fall out while on the move.

KNAUS SKY WAVE Interieur - Teilintegriertes Wohnmobil

SKY WAVE upholstery options

ACTIVE ROCK (Active Line)
Available at extra cost.
ACTIVE ROYAL (Active Line)
Available at extra cost.
CREAM NATURE (Genuine leather)
Available at extra cost.