Spectacular exterior, impressive equipment

The SKY I really has an impressive appearance: Large and elegant, but always very dynamic; and the automotive front and sporty lines are the reason. Get on board and enjoy the view from the large panorama windscreen.

  • Underbody and roof protected with GRP
  • Integrated LED day‐time running lights
  • Extra‐large double‐floor service box
  • Huge panorama windscreen


Modern, manoeuvrable, perfectly equipped. There is one thing the SKY I cannot do: not attract attention. And it’s no wonder, considering these design highlights.

Due to the GRP underbody, the structure is ideally protected against environmental influences.

The ServiceBox ensures maximum convenience.

Fewer noises from the wind, greater safety, and elegant looks due to Seitz framed windows as standard.

Outer doors with single-hand operation and optional central locking for exceptional ease of use.

Provides ideal protection against heat and cold: quality XPS insulation.