More room in the alcoves – and underneath!

Ideal space inside: the L!VE TRAVELLER convinces with its maximum level of comfort for the entire family – not only in the rear‐ventilated alcove beds. Below you will find a large double dinette with comfortable seat benches and a fully equipped kitchen for culinary holiday dreams.

  • Fully functional lifting bed in the alcoves
  • Double dinette and large kitchen
  • Room separator for more privacy
  • Soft‐close mechanisms
starting from 54.980,00 £
Living Cooking Sleeping Care Materials

Playing together, learning and having fun

And since Tom has just discovered the story of Winnetou, the entire family is travelling through Croatia dressed as Indians.

Huge double dinette

Lots of space for eating, playing and entertaining. And for sleeping as the double dinette can be converted into a comfortable guest bed in no time at all.

Practical room divider.

For more privacy, the rear area including the bathroom can be sectioned o from the rest of the living area.

Dealing with hunger is child’s play here

At some point, a growling stomach will defeat even the most exciting game. Luckily, a tasty meal can be conjured up in no time at all in the fully‐equipped kitchen.

Even the bravest Indian has to sleep eventually

And even the most energetic parents sometimes need a few moments of peace to spend with each other. In the large over cab bed, it’s not a problem.

Variant – child’s bed

The L!VE TRAVELLER 600 DKG with its bunk beds in the rear and the convertible double dinette is perfect for families with up to 4 children.

Optional ladder storage compartment

To ensure that it doesn’t get in the way, the ladder for the over cab has a permanent place in the vehicle.

Flexible over cab bed

For an exceptionally airy sense of space and convenient access to the cockpit, the over cab bed can be folded up in a single step as an option.

Time to wash o the war paint

The modern wash basin is the perfect place for some quality mother‐daughter time. Tina and Anna are only too willing to agree.

Flexible comfort bathroom

A large bathroom, a spacious shower and compact dimensions for optimum use of space throughout the vehicle? It can only be the comfort bathroom... 

Flexible comfort bathroom

...Simply fold the entire mirror wall to the side to create a practical shower cubicle. And the best part? The toilet, mirror and wash basin stay dry.

Easy‐to‐clean bench toilet

It is not only very comfortable, but also extremely easy to clean.


Active Line

Available against extra charge.

Active Line

Available against extra charge.