Cozy and spacious

The bath- and bed variations of our caravans

We sleep about one third of our life. That´s why the beds in our caravans have a high importance. Among our several bed variations you will definitly find an optimal sleepig possibility, in order to start the vacations recovered every single day. Our clever and mutable bath variations are perfect for freshening up.

  • 5 comfortable bed variations
  • EvoPore mattress for a fantastic sleep
  • 8 cleverly devised bath variations
  • best possible space use
Bed variants Bathroom variants

Discover our bed variants

Travelling means discovering and relaxing. So that you can begin every eventful day of your trip in a fully relaxed way, you’ll have various bed variants to choose from: from extending single beds to spaciously designed king‐sized relaxation area. How would you like to sleep?

Single beds

1. Generously sized beds. Depending on the layout, the individual beds are between 185 cm and 196 cm long and about 90 cm wide.

2. Expandable into a double bed. The retractable bed frame creates a foundation for the perfectly fitted upholstery. In no time at all, the single beds are turned into a comfortable bed measuring over 200 cm wide.

3. Lots of storage space. Underneath the beds, you’ll find additional storage space for everything that makes you vacation nicer.

French bed

1. Lots of room to sleep. The French beds are about 150 cm wide at the top. Even at their smallest width, they maintain 130 cm.

2. Optional comfort resilience system. The optimal support for the excellent EvoPore mattresses and the basis for a relaxing sleep.

Transversal bed

1. Ideal for those who want to sleep in. Depending on the layout, the transversal beds are up to 207 cm long and, for lots of space to stretch out, 150 cm wide.

2. Perfect use of space. The transversal bed is similar to the French bed – it’s space‐saving qualities ensure that you don’t waste space. That means your living room area will benefit.

Children's beds

For the kids. Depending on the model, the bunk beds with fall‐out protection can be optionally expanded with a third bed. Depending on the variant, the lower bed can be folded up – this creates additional storage space.

Guest bed

For the guests. Or even for use as additional children’s beds, the seating groups (optional in part) can be turned into comfortable beds.

Discover our bathroom variants

The KNAUS bathroom variants are stylish, thought‐through and spacious. In the design, we place great significance on a userfriendly design, as much storage space as possible and creating a pleasant atmosphere.

Bathroom variant 1

Innovative and practical. Lots of room, even to house a low‐maintenance and comfortable bench toilet, practical shower, additional shelf space due to one‐piece washbasin, and numerous practical details such as a laundry compartment. (DESEO 400 TR)

Bathroom variant 2

Innovative and practical. With the pullout shower tray, the bathroom in the SPORT & FUN is a true space miracle, which leaves lots of room for living and transporting. (SPORT & FUN 480 QL)

Bathroom variant 3

Universal and well thought‐through. Very practical, due to the large washbasin. In the SPORT, with a swivel washbasin; in SÜDWIND with a bench toilet. (SPORT 400 LK, 420 QD, 460 EU, 500 EU (UE),  500 QDK, 700 UFK, SÜDWIND 420 QD, 460 EU, 500 EU, 580 EU, 700 EU*) *with separate shower cabin

Bathroom variant 4

Compact and comfortable. Thanks to the swivel toilet and the space‐saving, fitted washbasin, in our compact caravan you’ll also find a fully equipped bathroom. (SPORT 400 QD)

Bathroom variant 5

Clever and spacious. Standard for the layouts with French beds. In the SPORT with swivel toilet, in the SÜDWIND the premium bench toilet is installed. (SPORT 450 FU, 500 FDK, 500 FU (UF), 550 FSK, 650 UDF, 750 FKU, SÜDWIND 450 FU, SÜDWIND 500 FVU, 580 FSK, 590 FUS)

Bathroom variant 6

Ingenious and huge. Those who select the transversal bed and children’s bed, receive the nominally large bathroom that offers lots of room, even a separate shower. (SPORT 500 KD, 580 QS, SÜDWIND 580 QS)

Bathroom variant 7

Comfortable and intelligent. A true flagship deserves a special bathroom. Thanks to two room dividers, this variant uses the passage and is there especially variable and spacious. (SÜDWIND 750 UFK)

Bathroom variant 8

Variable and ground‐breaking. Intelligent use of space is one of future trends. With the foldable wall, you can either enlarge the size of the bathroom or the living room. As you please. (TRAVELINO 400 QL)