Structure & quality

KNAUS caravans

Whether it is atmospheric ambient lighting, elegant and high‐quality cabinetry, the well‐placed windows, or perfectly finished leather texture foil. It is the many small and big details that provide a wonderful feeling of space and make a KNAUS caravan so special overall.

  • best technology
  • durable construction
  • AKS stabilisers
  • ambient lighting

Best technology for the most beautiful time of the year

Strong, high‐strength GRP proof

GRP is not just GRP. The strength varies depending on the total glass content. For maximal hail protection, we have therefore decided to use a high‐strength variant with a fibreglass share that is three times higher than standard GRP. (Across all series)

Durable Pro.Tec frame

The Pro.Tec Frame is an especially severe aluminium strip that connects the side wall, front wall, back wall and the roof. It improves the stability of the structure and thereby the durability of the entire vehicle. A particular highlight: in the Pro.Tec Frame, there is a compartment for sealing compound. This can therefore no longer spring up, and a clean appearance is created. (Depending on the model)

Safe ALKO‐Chassis

The chassis of our caravan is always galvanised and therefore never a problem in the wintertime, either. Due to semi‐trailing arm axles and oil‐pressure shock absorbers, you will have enjoy a comfortable ride. (Across all series)

Premium side wall in plain sheet

For an automotive, high‐quality and modern appearance, we use model‐dependent side panels in an especially easy to clean aluminium plain sheet, instead of using the traditional hammer blow variant. (Depending on the model)

Optimally equipped and relaxed during your vacation

So that your vacation remains unforgettable from the very first moment until the final second, our caravans have elements that increase both the driving as well as the living comfort. For this reason, we place as much value on an AKS stabiliser as on excellent mattresses.

Air chamber shower curtain

Everyone knows: the wet shower curtain in a caravan is a magnet for the human body. Our vehicles are equipped with an integrated air chamber that provides the shower curtain with its form and thereby keeps it from your body. (Across all series)

Excellent EvoPore mattresses

30% lighter and a 40% lower hardness reduction as comparable cold foam mattresses. Even with one‐sided use, there is no dent. The five‐zone EvoPore mattresses do not only pamper you with excellent sleeping comfort, but also convince through the extraordinary durability. (Across all series)

Premium gas bottle locker

A large access is created due to extensive parallel lifting technology. The gas pressure spring ensures that the hood opens softly and automatically. Through the optional aluminium floor, the gas bottle holder is even more robust for 2x 11 kg gas bottles. (Depending on the model)

AKS stabilisers

For a safe journey, the series AKS stabiliser eliminates swerving motions and thereby the dangerous sway of the vehicle. (Across all series)

Metal lock cabin door

In order to get a good’s night sleep, good mattresses are not enough – feeling safe is also important. The massive metal lock on the cabin door helps ensure this. (Across all series)

High‐quality films

Timeless design means nothing if the vehicle appears outdated within just a few years. Therefore, we only use high‐quality films manufactured by renowned suppliers, such as 3M, Avery and Oracal. (Across all series)

We don't build castles in the sky, instead we build furniture that creates a pleasant atmosphere

In our caravans, the expectations made of the furniture are very high.. The expectations are not just met by providing attractive designs and a huge amount of storage space. Durability, durable construction and technology that inspires for as long as you own it – those are our standards.

Stabile Soft‐Close full‐extension slides

Due to the full‐extension slide, the drawers slide out so far that they can be filled or emptied easily right to the very back of the drawer. They are precisely guided and close gently – for the entire lifetime of the vehicle, and probably beyond. (Depending on the model)

Scratch‐resistant HPL/CPL surfaces

High pressure laminates and continuous pressure laminates are laminates that are specifically used for heavy loads such as in kitchens. The multi‐layer construction is produced under extremely high pressure, and then sealed with an exceptionally robust surface layer. This makes our work areas and table tops (always HPL) and furniture fronts (CPL, depending on model) particularly scratch‐resistant. (Across all series)

Elaborate ambient lighting

Everywhere where indirect light increases the well‐being, we install pleasant lighting concepts. Even the practical use does not take a back seat. For example, when open the ambient light strip underneath the kitchen countertop also illuminates the drawers. This way, you’ll find the corkscrew in no time at all. (Optional)

Solid dowelling technology

We join our furniture using elaborate dowelling as a standard. This means we achieve great precision in fitting, as well as a considerably more stable furniture construction so that your furniture will still serve you well even after many years. (Across all series)