Optional Equipment

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Standard equipment
Optional equipment
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Optional equipmentkg400 LK400 QD420 QD450 FU460 EU500 KD500 EU500 FU500 QDK500 UF540 UE540 FDK580 QS650 FDK650 UFK
Chassis / Load Increase
AL-KO Trailer Control-ATC - Anti-skid system (2.0)4£809.00
Winter cover for gas locker in KNAUS design2£370.00
Load increase to 1,400 kg (1,500 kg chassis)12£508.00------------
Load increase to 1,500 kg (1,500 kg chassis)12£508.00-----
Load increase to 1,600 kg (1,700 kg chassis)48£508.00---------
Load increase to 1,700 kg (1,700 kg chassis)48£508.00-------
Load increase to 1,800 kg (1,800 kg chassis)36£508.00-------
Load increase to 1,900 kg (2,000 kg chassis) (Dependency: ABH13091)30£508.00--------------
Load increase to 2,000 kg (2,000 kg chassis) (Dependency: ABH13091)30£508.00--------------
14'' wheel covers in KNAUS Design (Dependency: ABH6389)1£68.00
17" alloy rims - mono-axle, black gloss front-polished in exclusive KNAUS design (Dependency: ABH6390)21£664.00--
17" light alloy rims - tandem-axle, black gloss front-polished in exclusive KNAUS design (Dependency: ABH12332)43£1,262.00-------------
17" alloy rims - mono-axle, titanium metallic painted in exclusive KNAUS design (Dependency: ABH6390)21£664.00--
17" alloy rims - tandem-axle, titanium metallic painted in exclusive KNAUS design (Dependency: ABH12332)43£1,262.00-------------
THULE "Caravan SUPERB" - bicycle carrier for 2 bikes (drawbar); maximum load capacity 60 kg10£338.00
THULE LIFT V16, manual - bicycle carrier for 2 bikes (rear); maximum load capacity 50 kg (Dependency: ABH16138)17£586.00
Roof rail10£511.00
TRUMA Mover XT / mono-axle vehicles up to 2,000 kg (Dependency: ABH13092)24£2,920.00--
TRUMA Mover XT 2 / tandem-axle up to 2,400 kg (Dependency: ABH6391, ABH16139)28£3,704.00-------------
TRUMA Mover XT 4 / tandem-axle from 2,401 kg (Dependency: ABH6391, ABH6432)60£6,017.00-------------
Spare tyre holder for 17'' alloy rim in KNAUS design, mounted on underbody (Dependency: ABH6392)4£236.00
Spare tyre (steel rim) incl. jack (Dependency: ABH6393, ABH6394)21£195.00
Spare tyre 17'' alloy rim in KNAUS design incl. jack (Dependency: ABH6395)31£469.00-
Spare tyre holder in the gas locker1£56.00
Body door: KNAUS PREMIUM: automotive locking system, one-piece construction, with double seal, multiple locking, concealed hinge system, opening limitation / door position locking by gas spring, incl. window with pleated blackout, integrated umbrella compartment, high-quality applications, multifunctional bag in KNAUS design2£799.00
Service Hatches / Garage Doors
Bow storage box (Dependency: ABH6398, ABH6397)5------
Service hatch 70 x 30.5 cm, bow left1£235.00------------
Service hatch 70 x 40.5 cm, bow left (Dependency: ABH16140)2£235.00-----------
Service hatch 100 x 30.5 cm, bow left2£235.00--------
Service hatch 100 x 30.5 cm, bow right2£235.00----------
Service hatch 70 x 30.5 cm, rear left1£235.00------------
Service hatch 100 x 30.5 cm, rear left2£235.00-------------
Service hatch 100 x 40.5 cm, rear left (Dependency: ABH6399)2£235.00-----------
Service hatch 100 x 30.5 cm, rear right2£235.00----------
Garage door 60 x 95 cm, left (Dependency: ABH6400)4£358.00-------------
Garage door 60 x 95 cm, right (Dependency: ABH6400)4£358.00------------
Garage door 100 x 120 cm, left (Dependency: ABH14589, ABH6410)8£381.00------------
Windows / Roof Hoods / Ventilation
3 windows on bunk bed (triple), lateral (Dependency: ABH6401, ABH6400)12-------------
Additional hinged window (bow left)7£390.00------------
Additional hinged window (bow left)7£390.00----------
Hinged window (bow) (Dependent on layout) (Dependency: ABH6403, ABH6402)6£428.00
Hinged window (rear) (Dependent on layout)6£423.00---
Roof hood 28 x 28 cm with insect screen, (toilet room) (Dependent on layout)2£100.00-----
Materials / Vehicle Graphics
KNAUS emblems front and rear, black/chrome-------
Living / Sleeping / Upholstery And Fabrics
EvoPore HRC mattress incl. WaterGEL overlay, fixed beds only (Dependency: ABH16142)6£376.00
Bunk bed (double) (Dependency: ABH16144, ABH16143)-£100.00--------
Bunk bed (triple) (Dependency: ABH16146, ABH16145)10£295.00-----------
Multifunctional bunk bed (triple) (Dependency: ABH14591, ABH6407, ABH6408)10£518.00------------
Bunk bed (triple) incl. garage door 100 x 120 cm, with frame window incl. blackout and insect screen (Dependency: ABH14593, ABH14592, ABH6408)24£898.00------------
Single-column lifting table10£201.00-------
Lateral bed instead of seating group in the front (Dependency: ABH6411, ABH6412)5£89.00--------------
Rollable slatted frame for single beds4£325.00------------
Deluxe bed conversion with second levelling cushion (possible for roundseating groups or dinette)2£89.00----------
Move-out/extension for bed conversion including levelling cushion (Dependency: ABH16147)3£239.00--------
Upholstery selection: COOL GREY--
Upholstery selection: ACTIVE ROYAL-£323.00
Upholstery selection: ACTIVE ROCK-£323.00
Kitchen / Bathroom
Induction double hot plate-£272.00-----
Refrigerator 98 ltr., compressor (Dependency: ABH6419)-£226.00-------
Refrigerator 150 ltr., compressor (Dependency: ABH6419)-£226.00------------
Refrigerator 177 ltr. with double door hinge (Dependency: ABH6415, ABH6396, Note: H128)9£876.00--------
Heating / Air Conditioning / Gas Supply / Water Supply
Remote display DuoC (Ice Ex integrated) (Dependency: ABH6420, ABH6396)-£150.00
TRUMA comfort package with Airmix (Dependency: ABH6415, ABH6421)1£120.00--
TRUMA MonoControl CS (incl. gas filter) (Dependency: ABH6415, ABH6396, ABH6422)1£293.00
TRUMA DuoControl CS (incl. gas filter) (Dependency: ABH6415, ABH6396, ABH6422)1£391.00
Gas detector (Dependency: ABH6415, ABH6396)-£201.00
External gas socket (Dependency: ABH6415, ABH6396)1£205.00
Heating / air conditioning DOMETIC Freshwell 3000 (OEM) (Dependency: ABH6423)-£1,180.00-----
ALDE hot water heating (Dependency: ABH6415, ABH6396, ABH6424, ABH6425)25£2,146.00--------
TRUMA E-Kit for TRUMA Vario Heat (Dependency: ABH13286)3£535.00-----
Electric floor heating - up to body length 50011£488.00-----
Electric underfloor heating - up to body length 55011£488.00-------------
Electric underfloor heating - from body length 56017£586.00------------
TRUMA CP-Plus digital heating control panel (Dependency: ABH14204)-£95.00-----
Heating control panel ALDE LCD (Dependency: ABH6428)----------
Air conditioning DOMETIC Freshjet 2200 (OEM) (Dependency: ABH6415, ABH13754, ABH16148)29£2,135.00
Fresh water tank 25 ltr. rollable (Dependency: ABH6432)4£150.00
Fresh water tank 70 liter5£201.00-
Waste water tank 25 ltr., rollable4£125.00
City water connection (Dependency: ABH6433)2£295.00
Level indicator for fresh water tank (Dependency: ABH6434)-£156.00
Electronics / Multimedia / Safety
Intelligent electronic control (Dependency: ABH6435)-£317.00-----
One Night Stand: high-performance Caravan Charger docking station, 6Ah Power X-Change battery pack with particularly efficient Li-Ion cells (Dependency: ABH6419, ABH13755)3£362.00-----
Lithium-ion board battery (Dependency: ABH12335, ABH6440)12£1,081.00
SAT system CARO® + Premium (Dependency: ABH6442)17£2,445.00
24" SMART TV set with HD tuner (Dependency: ABH6443)3£745.00
KNAUS Bluetooth sound system with two speakers in living area2£176.00
Awning / Awning Accessories
Awning 265 x 200 cm - on-roof mounting, white (Dependency: ABH6444)25£814.00-------------
Awning 305 x 250 cm - on-roof mounting, white (Dependency: ABH6444)26£877.00--------------
Awning 355 x 250 cm - on-roof mounting, white (Dependency: ABH6444)28£990.00-------------
Awning 405 x 250 cm - on-roof mounting, white (Dependency: ABH6444)31£1,271.00-------
Awning 455 x 250 cm - on-roof mounting, white (Dependency: ABH6444)33£1,426.00-------------
Breakdown service set2£99.00