Optional Equipment

starting from 36.300,00 £ *
Standard equipment
Optional equipment
Not possible
Optional equipmentkg400 TR
Chassis / Load Increase
AL-KO Trailer Control-ATC - Anti-skid system (2.0)4£939.00
Support wheel with integrated support load display-£70.00
AL-KO heavy-duty crank supports2£146.00
Load increase to 1.900 kg*** (2.000 kg chassis)30£589.00
Load increase to 2.000 kg*** (2.000 kg chassis)30£589.00
Bicycle carrier for 2 bikes, drawbar: THULE Caravan SUPERB10£390.00
Access ramp8£433.00
Additional access ramp8£433.00
Motorcycle holder for 1 motorcycle (Dependency: ABH10179, ABH30704, ABH10178)12£520.00
Access ramp, incl. motorcycle holder and lashing eyes (Dependency: ABH10180, ABH48442, ABH30705)36£1,360.00
Lashing eyes (6 pieces)2£182.00
TRUMA Mover XT 2 (Dependency: ABH10096, ABH10181)28£4,294.00
Insect screen door4£274.00
Insect screen for tailgate4£431.00
Windows / Roof Hoods / Ventilation
Roof hood (lift-tilt) 70 x 50 cm with insect screen and blackout (centre) (Dependency: ABH10183, ABH10182)8£450.00
Materials / Vehicle Graphics
2-colour frame design-£4,139.00
Living / Sleeping / Upholstery And Fabrics
Seating group in transport version, particularly space-saving foldable for the largest possible loading area-£225.00
Upholstery selection: OBSIDIAN--
Upholstery selection: ACTIVE ROYAL-£375.00
Upholstery selection: ACTIVE ROCK-£375.00
Colour-Kit "Couch" - Cushions in colour selection:EARTH-£202.00
Colour-Kit "Couch" - Cushions in colour selection: STONE-£202.00
Colour-Kit "Couch" - Cushions in colour selection: AVOCADO-£202.00
Colour-Kit "Couch" - Cushions in colour selection: AQUA-£202.00
Colour-Kit "Couch" - Cushions in colour selection: MAGNOLIA-£202.00
Colour-Kit "Couch" - Cushions in colour selection: PEACH-£202.00
Heating / Air Conditioning / Gas Supply / Water Supply
Remote display DuoC (Ice Ex integrated) (Dependency: ABH10136)-£175.00
TRUMA MonoControl CS (incl. gas filter) (Dependency: ABH10138)1£339.00
TRUMA DuoControl CS (incl. gas filter) (Dependency: ABH10138)1£453.00
Gas detector-£232.00
External gas socket1£237.00
TRUMA CP-Plus digital heating control panel-£111.00
Air conditioning DOMETIC Freshjet 2200 (OEM) (Dependency: ABH10184, Note: H145)29£2,475.00
Waste water tank 25 ltr., rollable4£146.00
City water connection (Dependency: ABH10152)2£341.00
Level indicator for fresh water tank-£186.00
"bluuwater" water filter system1£383.00
Electronics / Multimedia / Safety
Combi external socket (electricity + TV)-£115.00
230 V SCHUKO socket, additional 1 pc. in kitchen-£93.00
Atmospheric contour lighting1£1,438.00
SAT system CARO® + Premium (Dependency: ABH10157, Note: H145)17£2,834.00
24" SMART TV set with HD tuner (Dependency: ABH10176)3£866.00
TV holder2£199.00
Radio preparation incl. 2 loudspeakers and cable laying-£301.00
Radio DAB+/CD/MP3 tuner with USB and Bluetooth (Dependency: ABH10186)1£317.00
KNAUS Bluetooth sound system2£202.00
Awning / Awning Accessories
Awning 350 x 250 cm, white28£1,304.00
Breakdown service set2£115.00
Soap and washing-up liquid dispenser1£61.00