Structure & quality

KNAUS caravans

Whether it is atmospheric ambient lighting, elegant and high‐quality cabinetry, the well‐placed windows, or perfectly finished leather texture foil. It is the many small and big details that provide a wonderful feeling of space and make a KNAUS caravan so special overall.

  • best technology
  • durable construction
  • AKS stabilisers
  • ambient lighting
Exterieur Aufbau Wohnwagen der Marke KNAUS

Best technology for the most beautiful time of the year

Optimally constructed for 100% wanderlust. With our caravans you always arrive better, ensured by intelligent constructions, numerous innovations and practical features. The sum of all parts results in unlimited holiday happiness.

Velocate GPS-Tracker in KNAUS Caravans
Velocate GPS tracker

If the worst comes to the worst, Velocate’s optional GPS tracking system provides you with optimal protection. The tracking system requires very little power and can transmit for up to three months independently. Thanks to app control, it is particularly easy to operate. AGPS ensures particularly fast location determination and a sensitive GPS antenna provides the best reception for tracking even in difficult environments. (Optional)

Robustess High-Strength GFK-Dach an den Wohnwagen
Strong, high-strength GRP roof

GRP is not just GRP. The strength varies depending on the total glass content. For maximal hail protection, we have therefore decided to use a high‐strength variant with a fibreglass share that is three times higher than standard GRP. (Across all series)

Stabiler Pro.Tec Frame an den Caravans von KNAUS
Durable Pro.Tec Frame

The Pro.TEC Frame is an especially severe aluminium strip that connects the side wall, front wall, back wall and the roof. It improves the stability of the structure and thereby the durability of the entire vehicle. It also offers a double‐sided draw‐in option for awnings. A particular highlight: in the Pro.TEC Frame, there is a compartment for sealing compound. This can therefore no longer spring up, and a clean appearance is created. (Depending on the model)

KNAUS CATEYE evolution - Rückleuchte am Wohnwagen
KNAUS CATEYE evolution - tail light

With three‐dimensional lighting geometry and dynamic LED indicators, the new CATEYE evolution rear tail lights further enhance the design of the unique KNAUS night signature as well as increasing driving safety. (Depending on the model)

Wohnwagen KNAUS - Zentrale ServiceBox & Wasserfilter
Central service box & water filter

The complete supply technology centrally in one place. The flap integrated into the side wall gives you quick and easy access to all important elements. The new water filter is always installed in a maintenance‐friendly manner and is therefore easily accessible for particularly easy installation and replacement. (Depending on the model / Optional)

KNAUS Leak-proofness guarantee*

We know that our products deliver what we promise. For all our leisure vehicles, we offer you a 10‐year leak‐proofness guarantee on the body manufactured by us as well as a 24‐month guarantee from your KNAUS partner within the framework of our guarantee conditions valid at the time of vehicle delivery. (Across all series)

Dometic Freshjet 2200 (OEM) Aufachklimaanlage - KNAUS Wohnwagen
On-roof air conditioning

In tropical temperatures, our optional air conditioning systems ensure a pleasant cooling of the interior. They also have a heating function and can dehumidify the air in the room. The Dometic Freshjet 2200 (OEM) on‐roof air conditioner ensures efficient air distribution in different directions thanks to individually adjustable airflow, and can be conveniently controlled by remote control. (Optional)

* For leisure vehicles made by KNAUS, we grant you a 10‐year leak‐proofness guarantee on the body manufactured by us in addition to your compulsory guarantee within the framework of our guarantee conditions.

Aufbau & Qualität im Inneren - Wohnwagen KNAUS

Optimally equipped and relaxed during your holiday

So that your holiday remains unforgettable from the very first moment until the final second, our caravans have elements that increase both the driving as well as the living comfort. For this reason, we place as much value on an AKS stabiliser as on optimal gas supply.

Patentierter Duschvorhang mit Luftkammer im Wohnwagen von KNAUS - Baureiheinübergreifend und Optional
Patented shower curtain with air chambers

Everyone knows: the wet shower curtain in a caravan is a magnet for the human body. Our vehicles are equipped with an integrated air chamber that helps the shower curtain to maintain its shape and thereby keeps it from your body. (Across all series / Optional)

Reiseapotheke MediKit - Gutschein zum Einlösen im Caravan
First aid MediKit

Heartburn, headaches, allergies: Things you hardly ever need – especially when you are travelling. To ensure that you are well prepared for the worst case scenario, every KNAUS vehicle is accompanied by a MediKit voucher* with which you can conveniently redeem the practical first‐aid kit with our shipping partner* online. (Across all series)

Optionales Stützrad im Stützlastanzeige - Kompetenz KNAUS
Jockey wheel with load indicator

Loading errors can be easily avoided with the new jockey wheel that includes a vertical load indicator. The current vertical load is displayed directly and you can react accordingly. (Optional)

Optimale Gasversorgung im Wohnwagen von KNAUS
Optimal gas supply

Thanks to the complex parallel lifting mechanism, you have a large access area. The gas pressure spring also ensures that the hood gently glides upwards. The optional aluminium floor makes the gas box for 2 x 11 kg gas cylinders even more solid. The new TRUMA gas pressure regulators are easier to reset and have an optimised, clear status display. In combination with the easily replaceable gas filter insert, the entire gas system and all gas‐operated devices are effectively protected. Residues are collected in an exchangeable filter pad so that the filter cartridge no longer needs to be changed. (Across all series)

Fahrradträger Thule Caravan Superb - Optional im KNAUS Modell
Bike carrier Thule caravan superb

With a payload of up to 60 kg, the bike carrier is ideal for two bicycles or e‐bikes. It is mounted on the drawbar. Thanks to the low platform, the carrier is particularly easy to load and offers complete access to the gas box even with bicycles. (Optional)

KNAUS Caravan ALKO-Chassis
Safe ALKO chassis

Every chassis of our caravans is hot‐dip galvanized and therefore especially protected against corrosion. Due to semi‐trailing arm axles and oil‐pressure shock absorbers, you will enjoy a comfortable ride. (Across all series)

AKS Spurstabilisator & AL‐KO AAA Premium Bremse - Caravan KNAUS
AKS lane stabiliser & AL-KO AAA premium brake

For a safe journey, the series AKS lane stabiliser eliminates swerving motions and thereby also the dangerous sway of the vehicle. Thanks to the self‐adjusting AL‐KO AAA premium brake, the caravan always brakes optimally with the brake process of the towing vehicle. (Across all series / Optional)

* A voucher to redeem the medicine set is enclosed with the vehicle. The medicine set contains medicines that must be purchased from a pharmacy. The voucher can therefore only be redeemed at the responsible MediKit mail‐order pharmacy at You can also obtain further information about your MediKit at

Aufbau & Qualität der Wohnwagen von KNAUS
Unterschiedliche Aufbautüren - STYLE, STYLE PLUS, KOMFORT und PREMIUM

That’s how nice it is to start your holiday with KNAUS caravans

With our different body doors, you have all the options. All KNAUS body doors are equipped with a weatherproof double seal to keep out unwanted driving rain and other weather conditions safely. The COMFORT and PREMIUM variants also have an automotive locking system and are available in an extra‐wide version depending on the layout.


KNAUS ServiceBox: Praktisch & zentral - Kompetenz Wohnwagen

The KNAUS service box: Practical & central access

From the tank drain valve to the venting valves, from the water tank to the power connector: Thanks to the newly developed ServiceBox, you have central access to all important elements of the supply technology in your caravan through a flap perfectly integrated into the side panel. Instead of spending hours searching and just as much time with a complicated filling process, you can instead relax quickly.

A. Tank drain valve
B. Venting valves
C. Power connector
D. Water tank with cleaning opening
E. Practical storage space (dependent on layout)

BWT water + more im KNAUS Caravan

Our filter for a clear holiday pleasure

As beautiful as the destination may be, the view into the fresh water tank can quickly spoil happyness. Unfortunately, clean water is not taken for granted everywhere. It’s all the more important that you have the possibility to supply yourself with purified water. The high‐performance filter system from our partner BWT offers the best conditions for this.

You are already a customer and would like to reorder a filter cartridge? Spare parts are distributed via our trade partners. You can reorder replacement filters there at any time.

This is how easy it is to install & change the filter

Wasserfilter wird bei Fahrzeugübergabe eingesetzt - 6 Monate Haltbarkeit

We only install the filter when the vehicle is handed over so that you can use it for the full period of up to 6 months.

KNAUS Caravan - Wasserfilter Einbau mit Steckverbindung

Installation is particularly easy thanks to the plug connection and clear markings.

BWT Bestcamp Wasserfilter bei KNAUS - bis zu 6 Monate haltbar

The filter can be kept for up to 6 months from the day of installation. A special button shows the current status.

Handlicher BWT Bestcamp Wasserfilter KNAUS Wohnwagen

If no replacement filter is available, the intermediate piece guarantees the further water supply.

BWT Bestcamp water filter: The handy water filter leaves nothing to be desired in terms of hygiene thanks to its ultrafiltration membrane. Microorganisms are effectively removed from the raw water. This allows hygienically perfect water to be produced without any chemicals whatsoever. The water filter can be installed in all our leisure vehicles and easily connected.

Top‐class technology: thanks to the highly efficient hollow fibre membrane, the water filter achieves an excellent retention rate for microorganisms > 99.9999 % (log6). The large membrane surface ensures a high throughput and thanks to the manufacturing from completely food safe materials no unwanted substances get into the water.

Practical application: an 8 mm „John Guest‟ plug connection ensures particularly simple, tool‐free installation. This also ensures that the water supply is guaranteed even when no replacement filter is available.

Healthy enjoyment: the water filter system minimises the risk of germs in the water. Especially in high‐risk regions, the filter proves to be a useful tool for prevention and actively contributes to the protection of your health.

Kompetenz Möbelbau - Das Mobiliar in Caravans von KNAUS

We don’t build castles in the sky, instead we build furniture that creates a pleasant atmosphere

In our caravans, the expectations made of the furniture are very high. The expectations are not just met by providing attractive designs and a huge amount of storage space. Durability, durable construction and technology that inspires for as long as you own it – those are our standards.

KNAUS Wohnwagen - Stabile Soft-Close Vollauszüge
Stable soft-close full-extension slides

Due to the full‐extension slide, the drawers slide out so far that they can be filled or emptied easily right to the very back of the drawer. They are precisely guided and close gently – for the entire lifetime of the vehicle, and probably beyond. (Depending on the model)

Kratzfeste HPL/PL Oberflächen im Wohnwagen von KNAUS
Scratch-resistant HPL/CPL surfaces

High pressure laminates and continuous pressure laminates are laminates that are specifically used for heavy loads such as in kitchens. The multi‐layer construction is produced under extremely high pressure, and then sealed with an exceptionally robust surface layer. This makes our work areas and table tops (always HPL) and furniture fronts (CPL, depending on model) particularly scratch‐resistant. (Across all series)

Kompetenz KNAUS - Aufwändige Ambientebeleuchtung im Interieur
Elaborate ambient lightning

Everywhere where indirect light increases the well‐being, we install pleasant lighting concepts. Even the practical use does not take a back seat. For example, the ambient light strip underneath the kitchen countertop also illuminates the drawers, if opened. This way, you’ll find the corkscrew in no time at all. The highquality panelling on the back kitchen wall, in the same decor as the counter top, serves as a practical stain and splash protection and also creates a more harmonious overall look in the kitchen area. (Optional)

Solide Dübeltechnik - Baureihenübergreifend in den Wohnwagen
Solid dowelling technology

We connect our furniture using elaborate dowelling as a standard. This means we achieve great precision in fitting, as well as a considerably more stable furniture construction so that your furniture will still serve you well even after many years. (Across all series)

Aufbau und Qualität Caravans - Wohnwagen Kompetenz von KNAUS

Sweetly falling asleep and waking up relaxed

We give the highest priority to the design of the sleeping area so that you can always have a relaxed start into an eventful holiday. Our concept comprises high‐quality materials, well thought‐out details and individualisable solutions.

EvoPore HRC Matratzen - Baureihenübergreifend im Caravan von KNAUS
Excellent EvoPore HRC mattresses

30% lighter and 40% less loss of hardness than comparable cold foam mattresses. No development of ’hollows’ even in one‐sided use. The 5‐zone EvoPore mattresses (1a) not only pamper you with excellent sleeping comfort, they also impress with exceptional durability. The High‐Resilience‐ Climate technology ensures that the mattress remains highly elastic even under demanding climatic conditions. For even more exclusive sleeping comfort, the optional WaterGel layer is up to 50 mm thicker. The breathable foam adapts smoothly to the body. (Across all series)

Lattenrost & Tellerlattenrost in den Wohnwagen von KNAUS
Slatted frame & slatted frame with disks

The best mattress is only as good as its substructure. That’s why we use high‐quality slatted frames (2a) as standard in which the space between the single slats offers optimum stability and excellent ventilation at the same time. For a certain extra comfort, a disk slat (2b) is optionally available. This enables a point‐elastic body adaptation and even better support function. In combination with the WaterGel layer you get the highest sleeping comfort. (Across all series / Optional)

Bettenerweiterung im Caravan von KNAUS - Modellabhängig / Optional
Bed extension

Of course we want to ensure a maximum sleeping space for you. Special detail solutions also contribute to this, such as the precisely fitting roller slatted frames and mattress liners for single beds. (Depending on the model / Optional)

Aufbau und Qualität - Stauraum, Steckdosen & Beleuchtung
Storage space, sockets & lightning

Reading a bit more, charging your smartphone overnight and having your glasses ready to hand. For all of that and more, you’ll find comfortable dimmable lighting, sophisticated storage options and sockets in the sleeping area. (Depending on the model)

Textile Raumtrenner & Wandverkleidung im Wohnwagen - Kompetenz KNAUS
Textile room dividers & wall covering

Especially with several travel companions and larger families, privacy is an important factor for a restful night’s sleep. This is ensured by textile room dividers that are easy to pull out and provide pleasant privacy. Thanks to the soft‐touch wall panelling, the sleeping area becomes particularly comfortable. (Depending on the model)