For night owls and early risers

The bath- and bed variations of our CUV

Whether single‐, cross or lift bed – in our comfortable CUV bed variations you´ll sleep restfully. Although there is a huge bed you do not need to waive concerning storage space. Our CUV also have excellent bathrooms, that are particularly generous and have multifunctional details.

  • 3 comfortable bed variations
  • space‐saving and sophisticatedly processed
  • 2 intelligent bath variations
  • ideal space use
Bed variants Bathroom variants

Our bed variants for dreaming on

Every single centimetre is ideally used in our camper vans. Furthermore, it’s just how you like it. For example, the generously‐proportioned single beds, which can be extended as longitudinal berths at the back to a large reclining area.

Single beds

1. Extending single beds. The longitudinal berths at the back can be easily extended to make a large reclining area.

2. Practical wardrobe. Comfortable single beds, a vehicle length below 6m, and still space for a practical wardrobe? Intelligent vehicle construction make it possible. This example is from the BOXSTAR 600 LIFETIME.

Transverse beds

1. 2‐layer cold foam mattress. The quality mattress provides an ideal foundation for restful nights.

2. Large storage space. The space beneath the rear beds is always optimally used in our camper vans. Also, if even more storage space is required, then the divided slatted frame can be simply folded up in the middle, or the entire bed can be removed.

Lifting bed at back

1. Sleep with a view. The optional Midi‐Heki skylight grants a perfect view of a starry sky and direct access to fresh air.

2. Space‐saving. The lifting bed at the back can be easily retracted and folded upwards during the day, and lowered a long way down in the evening. This ensures it can be accessed without a ladder.

Bathrooms well prepared for the day

Straight out of the shower, off on a voyage of discovery. This process becomes the most pleasant morning routine in the whole world in our open bath. As we use the passage to the bed, you can enjoy a particularly large shower cabin.

Room bath

1. Optimal drainage. In the open bath, the bathtub is set into the floor and has a total of four drains so that water can still drain away even if your KNAUS camper van is not on level terrain.

2. Excellent use of space. The passage to the bed is used with the open bath in order to achieve maximum freedom of movement.

Permanent bath

1. Multi‐functional. The tap on the washbasin can be pulled out so far that it also acts as a shower head.

2. Patented KNAUS shower curtain. The inflatable air hose is sewn in and keeps the shower curtain in the bath away from the body at a distance.