Structure & quality

KNAUS camper vans

A camper van should be one thing: practical. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t also be beautiful. From the modern and tasteful colour concepts to the elegant illumination to the numerous small details, there is a lot to see.

  • ideal technology
  • well‐designed details
  • intelligent construction
  • a great deal of storage

Ideal technology for happy travels

Every KNAUS camper van is fitted with well‐designed details that make a vacation even better. From the practical closing aid to the automatic side step, we ensure that every day is a relaxed one.


Every KNAUS camper van is insulated such that it is especially free of thermal bridges. A 12mm polystyrol EPS panel is laid down on the floor, whilst walls, ceilings and the rear doors feature 16mm thick polyethylene panels that are bonded into position and are resistant to rot. This means there are no hollows where water could collect. (Across all series)

Driver’s cab

The multi‐part driver’s cab provides protection from prying eyes as well as a pleasant option for cutting out light for the evening. The high‐quality pleated blind for the windscreen and the side windows is easy to use. (Optional)

Navi with camping software

An entertaining, stress‐free journey is also part of a relaxing vacation. This is provided by our new Pioneer navigation system. With an intuitive multi‐touch user panel, maps for 44 European countries, DAB+ receiver, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Parrot Bluetooth hands‐free system, and optimum sound through to 13 band equalisers, it has everything you would expect from a modern multimedia navigation system. This also includes 3 years of free map updates. (Optional)

Fly screen door & step

It boils down to the details. These include, for example, the integrated fly screen door or the optional electric step, which automatically retracts if forgotten before driving off. (Across all series / Optional)

Closing aid for sliding door

An additional handle is mounted on the inside so that the sliding door can be easily, and above all, gently closed. (Dependent on model)

ISOFIX child seat fastener

If children are to take part on the journey or are simply en‐route, then it goes without saying that they should be absolutely safe and ideally protected. For this reason, we provide ISOFIX child seat fasteners in all camper vans. (Optional)

Excellent two‐layer cold foam mattresses

A restful sleep is one of the most important things on vacation. We know that, and have developed our comfortable cold‐foam mattress for that purpose. With a 2‐layer design, these are amongst the best you will ever find in a camper van. (Across all series)

We don't build castles in the sky, instead we build furniture that creates a pleasant atmosphere

The expectations made of the furniture in our camper vans are very high. They are not just met with pleasing designs and a great deal of storage space either. Durability, intelligent construction and technology that impresses for as long as you own it – those are our standards.

Solid furniture

What does that mean? Furniture in our camper vans all have a solid rear wall – meaning a particularly solid structure. They are not, as is generally typical in the industry, fixed flush with the vehicle bodywork, which assists development of condensation, but are an independent unit in themselves. This also ensures that the furniture is perfectly integrated into the structure. They fit perfectly into the overall scheme of the vehicle, being torsion‐resistant, solid, and stable, whilst also ensuring perfect quality even after many years of service. (Across all series)

Stabile soft‐close full‐extension slides

Due to the full‐extension slide, the ball‐bearing mounted drawers from GRASS, a leading supplier, slide out so far that they can be filled or emptied easily right to the very back of the drawer. They are precisely guided and close gently. (Across all series)

Scratch‐resistant HPL/CPL surfaces

High pressure laminates and continuous pressure laminates are laminates that are specifically used for heavy loads such as in kitchens. The multi‐layer construction is produced under extremely high pressure, then sealed with an exceptionally robust surface layer. This makes our work areas and tabletops (always HPL) and furniture fronts (CPL, depending on model) particularly scratch‐resistant. (Dependent on model)

Adjustable soft‐close doors

The cupboard doors are fitted with quality soft‐close hinges so that they always close quietly, regardless of how much force was used to close them. This is for the entire life of the vehicle, and probably beyond. If a door doesn’t do what it really should, then the hinge can be easily adjusted if necessary. (Across all series)

Solid dowelling technology

Our furniture is joined using elaborate dowelling as standard. This means we achieve great precision in fitting, as well as a considerably more stable furniture construction so that your furniture will still serve you well even after many years. (Across all series)