Optional Equipment

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Standard equipment
Optional equipment
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Optional equipmentkg600 XL680 ME
Motorisation / Drive / Gearing / Load Increase
MAN TGE 35 box engine: 2.0 l TDI; Euro 6d; 130 kW/170 HP-£1,937.00
All-wheel drive (4MOTION)128£3,883.00-
8-speed torque converter automatic transmission37£2,632.00
Dual-circuit air spring set (allowing load increase to 4.000 kg)25£1,761.00
Load increase from 3.500 kg*** to 3.850 kg*** (Dependency: ABH30700)-£303.00
Load increase from 3.500 kg*** to 3.880 kg*** (Dependency: ABH30701)-£303.00-
Load increase from 3.500 kg*** to 4.000 kg*** (Dependency: ABH25154)-£332.00
Reduction of the number of permitted seats in operation from 4 to 3 people (Dependency: ABH30702, ABH25156)--
Reduction of the number of permitted seats in operation from 4 to 2 people (Dependency: ABH30702, ABH25156)--
Chassis / Climate Control / Multimedia
Chassis paint: Deep Ocean Blue---
Chassis paint: Cherry Red---
Chassis paint: Ontario Green---
Chassis in metallic paint: Reflex Silver (Dependency: ABH33047)-£1,876.00
Chassis in metallic paint: Indium Grey (Dependency: ABH33047)-£1,876.00
Chassis in metallic paint: Starlight Blue Metallic-£1,876.00-
Chassis in special paint: Deep Black pearl effect-£1,990.00-
High-roof painted in chassis colour (Dependency: ABH32573)-£1,897.00-
Front bumper painted in chassis colour1£681.00
Air conditioning "Climatic", manual11£2,167.00
Air conditioning "Climatronic", automatic (Dependency: ABH31022, ABH31021)11£1,022.00
Multifunction steering wheel (3 spokes)-£358.00
Multifunction leather steering wheel (3-spoke), heatable-£704.00
Storage Package 25£193.00
Smoker version with cigarette lighter and ashtray-£41.00
Chrome package interior-£255.00
Seat heating for driver's and passenger's seats1£699.00
Floor mat set in driver's cab in KNAUS design2£86.00
Windscreen washer nozzles heatable-£58.00
Laminated glass windscreen with thermal insulation, heated1£336.00
Front and side window blackout REMIfront V system-£828.00
Park Assist and Park Pilot (Dependency: ABH25159)1£1,492.00
Front and rear Park Assist-£792.00
Differential lock (Dependency: ABH30701)7£832.00-
High-beam Assist “Light Assist”1£175.00
Trailer Manoeuvring Assist with parking aid front and rear (Dependency: ABH25160, ABH25159)-£1,375.00
Trailer Manoeuvring Assist with parking steering assist, front and rear parking aid and side protection assist (Dependency: ABH25160, ABH25159)1£1,845.00
Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with speed limitation device-£1,336.00
Cruise control with speed limitation device-£465.00
Windscreen wipers with interval circuit and rain sensor and automatic headlight switching-£324.00
Lane Change Assist with Active Lane Keeping Assist-£1,074.00
Automatic Traffic Sign Recognition7£380.00
Drowsiness Detection-£29.00
Tyre pressure monitoring device-£465.00
Fog lights incl. cornering light2£328.00
Spare tyre (steel rim) with driving tyres as well as tools and jack (Dependency: ABH25161)37£219.00
Electrically adjustable and heated exterior mirrors1£243.00
Electrically folding exterior mirrors (Dependency: ABH25162)1£385.00
LED main headlight with LED daytime running light5£1,371.00
Battery main switch-£147.00
Radio preparation incl. 2 loudspeakers-£374.00
Radio system "MAN Media VAN" (Dependency: ABH25163, ABH25164)-£1,053.00
Navigation system "MAN Media VAN Business Navigation" (Dependency: ABH25163, ABH25165)2£2,167.00
Digital radio reception (DAB+) (Dependency: ABH51971)1£247.00
Rear view camera "Rear View" (Dependency: ABH51971)6£327.00
Towing device, detachable (including trailer stabilisation)33£1,073.00
Bicycle carrier for 2 bikes, rear (Note: H157)14£589.00
Bicycle carrier, in rear garage: THULE Veloslide (Dependency: ABH25167, Note: H157)21£881.00-
Windows / Roof Hoods / Ventilation
Roof hood (lift-tilt) 70 x 50 cm with insect screen and blackout (rear) (Dependency: ABH25168)8£450.00
Living / Sleeping / Upholstery And Fabrics
Semi-dinette with single seats (Dependency: ABH51739)10£1,576.00-
Storage locker instead of lifting bed with sliding function (Dependency: ABH25169)-31--
Lifting bed in the rear (Dependency: ABH25170)29£1,012.00
EvoPore HRC mattress incl. WaterGEL topper, fixed beds only6£435.00
Lateral guest bed 178 x 80 / 70 cm, with additional cushion-£182.00
Roman blinds in Living World fabric (rear doors)-£140.00-
Upholstery selection: CASUAL SILVER--
Upholstery selection: ACTIVE ROCK-£375.00
Upholstery selection: CREAM NATURE (genuine leather)-£2,204.00
Upholstery selection: DARK COFFEE (genuine leather) (Dependency: ABH48383)-£2,998.00
Kitchen / Bathroom
Compressor refrigerator 138 ltr. (incl. 11.6 ltr. freezer compartment), with night and silent mode14£368.00-
Separate bathroom with shower cabin: Shower tray with at least 3 drains (omission of shower curtain) and bi-functional washbasin | Position 1: Hand washbasin Position 2: Ergonomic washstand (Dependency: ABH25171, ABH25172, Note: H166)7£1,194.00
Floor insert for shower tray3£75.00
Outdoor shower in rear storage space4£274.00
Heating / Air Conditioning / Gas Supply / Water Supply
Electric underfloor heating8£748.00-
Auxiliary heater7£792.00
Insulating hood waste water tank, heatable2£314.00
TRUMA CP-Plus digital heating control panel-£111.00
Air conditioning DOMETIC Freshjet 2000 (OEM) (Dependency: ABH25173, ABH25106, Note: H145)29£2,476.00
"bluuwater" water filter system1£383.00
Electronics / Multimedia / Safety
Touch-Control-Panel with intuitive operating concept of networked components, incl. indoor and outdoor temperature sensor instead of standard Control-Panel (Dependency: ABH25174)-£353.00
Intelligent charger with 25 A charging power-£192.00
230 V SCHUKO socket, additional 1 pc. in kitchen-£93.00
230 V SCHUKO socket, additional 1 pc. in garage-£92.00
Atmospheric ambient lighting-£450.00-
Atmospheric ambient lighting-£450.00-
Additional AGM board battery (Dependency: ABH25138)24£420.00-
LiFePO4-on-board battery (instead of standard battery) (Dependency: ABH25175, ABH25138)-12£1,149.00-
Additional LiFePO4-board battery (Dependency: ABH25110, ABH25176, ABH25138)12£1,358.00-
12 V power socket, additional 1 pc. in front ceiling cabinet-£94.00
12 V power socket, additional 1 pc. in garage-£94.00
Battery sensor for on-board battery-£349.00-
Solar system (100 W)9£1,044.00-
Complete antenna system Oyster 60 Premium, Twin (Dependency: ABH44130, Note: H145)15£2,640.00
21.5" SMART TV set with HD tuner, in living area (Dependency: ABH25113)3£801.00
Pre-cabling for TV in the sleeping area1£88.00
External LTE / WIFI antenna3£1,053.00-
Awning / Awning Accessories
Awning 300 x 250 cm, anthracite28£1,141.00-
Awning 400 x 250 cm, anthracite31£1,141.00-
Soap and washing-up liquid dispenser1£61.00