More room for your holiday

A camper van should be one thing: practical. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t also be beautiful. From the modern and tasteful colour concepts to the elegant illumination to the numerous small details, there is a lot to see in the spacious BOXSTAR.

  • Spacious open bath
  • Comfortable single beds
  • Spacious refrigerator
  • Great standing height
starting from 47.590,00 £

BOXSTAR 540: Coming soon

The KNAUS BOXSTAR 540 is the most compact solution available when it comes to en‐suite bathrooms. With the large rear lateral bed and toilet with shower cubicle, there is nothing to be desired. The mix of fully‐equipped motorhome and easy‐to‐manoeuvre everyday vehicle, either with a classic semi‐dinette or as a two‐passenger van with a spacious lounge, makes it a true all‐rounder for urban, rural and maritime use.

BOXSTAR 600: Favourite place and holiday scent

Here, Mara and Theo can just chill out and enjoy the scent of the Provence. The floating dinette table offers plenty of room to stretch your legs and feel good.

High‐quality screens

In the seating area and on the longitudinal beds, we have installed breathable and additionally insulating front wall screens. At the same time, these visually integrate the comfort roller blinds of the Seitz S7P frame windows.

Variable bench

The seat can be adjusted in different directions for more freedom of movement and ergonomic travel.

Cooking is done with love here

It’s also done with fresh herbs from the Provence. Due to the counter‐top extension there is plenty of preparation space alongside the spacious storage cupboards.

Flexible counter top

It’s no problem when there’s more to cut and prepare. Thanks to a hinged extension and sink cover the counter top can be extended to a maximum.

Cool device

With a volume of up to 90 litres, the CUV refrigerators offer extra space and are particularly quiet thanks to night setback.

2‐flame cooker

Fast and easy use of hobs thanks to electric ignition.

Beauty sleep redefined

Mara and Theo not only sleep well in the spacious transversal bed, but they can also enjoy a unique view when they open the rear doors. 

BOXSTAR 630: Coming soon

The KNAUS BOXSTAR 630 is the bright star in the van heaven. With an elevated roof, large single beds, en‐suite bathroom and an optional lowerable bed, it combines the best from all BOXSTAR models with the holiday qualities of a full‐size motorhome. It is therefore the perfect companion for all leisure trips.

BOXSTAR upholstery options

Active Line

Available against extra charge.