As many-sided as a holiday novel

From the ultra‐compact king of the parking lot to the family‐friendly space miracle with bunk beds and up to the spacious travel specialist with individual beds. We have the perfect camper van for any use – and often for several uses at once. In the morning to the DIY store; in the evening on the way to Italy. Only the BOXSTAR is designed for that. With its new interior and exterior design, it also looks great.

  • Dynamic design
  • Insulation free of thermal bridge
  • High‐quality framed windows
  • Electric side step
starting from 47.590,00 £

Embark on your adventure!

Our BOXSTAR camper van doesn’t just fit into every parking spot, but it also takes you to every holiday destination. Crooked streets are just as easy to navigate as long highways.

Maximum safety, optimal insulation, and minimal wind noises due to the standard Seitz S7P framed windows.

Thanks to the optional roof air conditioning system, it is pleasantly cool in the BOXSTAR, even in hot summer weather.

Harmonious overall image: The exclusive 17“ KNAUS alloy wheels and the dynamic foil graphics fit together perfectly.

No need to worry about uninvited guests thanks to the screen door.

For safety, the electric side step automatically retracts if it has been forgotten.