Vario rear system

Innovative and flexible

Whether a road trip for two or a long family holiday: the Vario rear concept with eight different variants for the bed‐storage combination offers the right solution in every situation. The manually multi‐stage adjustable rear lifting bed is standard equipment. It is equally loadable at any set height and, thanks to the intelligent bed suspension, offers the option of adjusting the bed height individually to the use of the storage space.

    • 9 different variants
    • Bed‐storage combination
    • Maximum storage space
    • Extreme variablity

    Serial equipment

    When you choose a BOXLIFE you opt for the greatest variability a CUV has to offer. The standard rear lifting bed can be used at different heights and adapted to your individual needs with further options.

    Starting with 2 sleeping places

    You can raise and lower the double rear lifting bed to your individually selectable sleeping height. The available storage space in the rear is determined by the position of the lifting bed.

    Travelling with maximum storage space

    The diesel‐powered heater and 2.5 kg gas cylinder bracket are located under the dinette seating section. This way almost the entire vehicle width can be used as flexible storage space.

    Storage space series

    The highest setting of the rear lifting bed provides maximum storage space e.g. for e‐bikes and other luggage.

    Bed series

    Each BOXLIFE is equipped with a rear lifting bed with two‐layer cold foam mattresses.

    Additional equipment

    Additional bed. The additional bed is attached under the rear lifting bed, it can be removed flexibly, and the divided slatted frame enables an individual use.

    For cosy evening hours

    Move the rear lifting bed to its topmost position and simply fold up the rear slatted frame of the additional bed in order to use the couch.

    Additional bed variants

    The additional bed can be used as a single or double transverse bed in layouts with rear lifting beds. In layouts with a rear lifting bed lengthwise as double bed in longitudinal and transverse direction or as a single bed in transverse direction.

    Couch option

    The rear slatted frame can easily be folded up. That way, you will receive a couch with a unique view.

    Longitudinal double bed as an option

    In layouts with a rear lifting bed the lower additional bed can also be used as a spacious double bed with longitudinal sleeping areas in minimum storage space.

    Transverse double bed as an option

    Two additional sleeping areas and use of storage space up to a bicycle and other luggage.

    Transverse single bed as an option

    One additional sleeping area and use of storage space up to two bicycles and other luggage.