Furnished down to the last detail.

Arrive more pleasantly: The BOXDRIVE is always as individual as your demands – and therefore well‐conceived down to the most intricate detail. Its features are our promise in delivering significant comfort and sophisticated functionality. This way, your trip becomes more pleasant and each day the purest enjoyment.

  • Unique form language in furniture construction
  • Kitchen functional flap
  • Atmospheric ambient lighting
  • Floating dinette table
starting from 55.670,00 £
Living Cooking Sleeping & Care

Always at home. Wherever you are.

With the BOXDRIVE FIRST EDITION, Miriam and Paul can conquer the city or let the night end quietly and comfortably, while they are surrounded by nature.

KNAUS smart CI

On the 4.3‐inch touchscreen you can intuitively control a wide range of functions such as lighting and heating as well as e. g., verify the battery charge level. 

Especially wide sliding door

The sliding door allows you to open up the living area to nature. You can store everything in the practical storage compartment that you will require on your way outside, such as an umbrella or a shopping bag.

Valuable moments at every location

Whether Miriam and Paul are drawn into the city or the country, in the fully equipped kitchen they can enjoy their breakfast anywhere. 

Refrigerator with sleep mode

The 90‐litre compressor refrigerator does not just offer lots of room, but also an optimised sleep mode with reduced operating noises.

Floating dinette table

Instead of a bothersome table leg, you can stretch out your own legs and smile about the unobstructed access.

Variable bench seat

The bench seat can be adjusted for more freedom of movement and comfort.

Does VW stand for machine wash?

As great as the in‐room bath has been integrated here, Miriam was simply amazed. With the practical folding washbasin, the true ingenuity of KNAUS becomes evident.

Innovative folding washbasin

The spacious in‐room bath is equipped with a retractable washbasin that – in a pulled‐out version – has dimensions of up to 650 x 300 mm.

The space miracle with an open bathroom

You can choose the colour scheme of the generous BOXDRIVE open bathroom yourself. 

Multifunctional vehicle rear (option)

The rear bed can be folded up in different positions in order to gain better access to the storage space and to the on‐board technology. The bottom section is – similar to a car – clad with felt and therefore especially car‐like and easy to clean.

New type of folding bed function

The bed at the rear of the KNAUS BOXDRIVE can be flexibly adjusted and folded. Loading and unloading could not be easier.

BOXDRIVE upholstery options

Active Line

Available against extra charge.