Compact & agile outside. Great inside.

Thanks to the innovative FoldXpand rear construction, the new VAN TI offers the largest living space in its class and unique comfort with the usual compact external dimensions. As a special VANSATION model, it also offers numerous equipment highlights at a special price. The new KNAUS VAN TI VANSATION sets standards. Modern design, unsurpassed manoeuvrability – the new VAN TI is a city‐compatible space miracle without compromise.


The VAN TI VANSATION highlights

  • Innovative FoldXpand rear end design for an automotive rear
  • Approx. ten centimetres more room length at the same external vehicle length
  • Single beds over two meters long
  • 12 cm larger seating group with ergonomic cushions
  • Angled furniture construction for maximum room to move
  • Two gas bottles side by side: gas locker arranged lengthwise


Permissible total mass:
3.500 kg
Total length (min/max):
599 / 696 cm
Width (outside/inside):
220 / 205 cm
Height (outside/inside):
276 / 196 cm
Sleeping places:
Up to 3

Exclusive insights

VAN TI VANSATION - Offene Blickachsen und lichtdurchfluteter Innenraum

Open lines of sight and light‐flooded interior

The VAN TI VANSATION with its bright, friendly furniture decor and diagonally arranged furniture elements offers the largest living space in its class.

KNAUS VAN TI VANSATION - Höchster Sitzkomfort im Teilintegrierten

A little more of everything

The back cushions with significantly more volume and an ergonomically curved lumbar support offer the highest level of seating comfort. The practical single‐column lifting table allows maximum room to move.

The new VAN TI VANSATION layouts

Our innovations at a glance