KNAUS Insights

Quality has many facet

Welcome in the heart of KNAUS! On this site we would like to give you a really deep insight into our company. In the center of our top‐quality products, basically one thing is important: our extremely motivated and inspired employees. Each one of our team affiliates something really special with KNAUS. You would like to know what this is? Read here for yourself.

KNAUS Insights - Herbert Krinninger - Produktionsleiter

Herbert Krinninger

Production Manager

"Perfect quality is my motivation. And that for over 40 years. Every day I am in contact with all departments, planning, organising and analysing the workplaces of my colleagues. Excellent performance needs a perfect environment."

KNAUS Insights - Hans Hanusch - Produktmanager

Hans Hanusch

Product Manager

"Every day I am driven by my commitment to making our BoxStar models even better and coming up with more new ideas. For me KNAUS is the art of using every centimetre for maximum efficiency and achieving great results with small details."

KNAUS Insights - Christian Stockinger - Projektleiter VAN TI

Christian Stockinger

Project Manager VAN TI

"A fantastic place of work with super colleagues and great solidarity. This is what KNAUS offers me. Every VAN TI that I see on the road gives me the satisfaction of knowing: All the hard work was really worth it."

KNAUS Insights - Károly Kubicsek - Projektleiter DESEO

Károly Kubicsek

Project Manager DESEO

"KNAUS – means tradition and freedom to me. Planning and controlling building a caravan from the first idea to the finished vehicle is a demanding but incredibly exciting task. I look forward to my work every single day."

KNAUS Insights - Michael Weber

Michael Weber

Trainer Training Workshop

"All of my family are passionate campers. It is great to be working for the company with which I grew up. I work every day with my young trainees to ensure KNAUS will continue to deliver excellent quality in the future as well."

KNAUS Insights - Patricia Wilhelm - Teamassistentin Marketing

Patricia Wilhelm


"Even as a child, I travelled a lot with my parents in SÜDWIND. It is really great that I can now carry out my training at KNAUS. Whenever I see one of our vehicles, I think of all the wonderful holiday stories they could tell."

KNAUS Insights - Gerhard Fenzl - Musterbau

Gerhard Fenzl

Prototype Production

"Being innovative every day, designing, developing and testing new ideas. This is my task. I have been a member of the KNAUS family for over 24 years and am proud to be part of a company which has such a high significance in the region."

KNAUS Insights - Silvia Peterhansl - Endabnahme Caravans

Silvia Peterhansl

Final Inspection Caravans

"I have been a member of the large KNAUS family for 26 years and enjoy real holiday feelings every day. Your caravan is first on the way to you after my OK. And that of course in very best KNAUS quality."

KNAUS Insights - Karl Göttl - Endabnahme Reisemobile

Karl Göttl

Final Inspection Motorhomes

"First with my OK, hundreds of single parts are put together as a real KNAUS. And, because I am an avid camper, I know exactly what is important. I assess each vehicle as if it were my own, so you experience what real KNAUS quality means."

KNAUS Insights - Karin Sammer - Fahrzeugbeklebung

Karin Sammer

Vehicle decoration

"From the retail trade to vehicle decoration. I was a real newcomer. But both tasks do however have much in common. The basic criterion is a lot of patience and even more attention to detail. The aim is a happy and satisfied customer."