Your travel advantage on every route

Here, we bring together what belongs together: In combination, the manoeuvrability of the KNAUS VAN TI and the automated chassis features of MAN TGE result in a unique motorhome meaning that your desire to travel has no limits. Whether breath‐taking serpentines or bumpy gravel roads; whether travelling on snow‐covered roads or in exotic oases. Drive wherever you want!

  • Individual drive concepts
  • Innovative driving assistant system
  • Durable alu-alu-sidewalls
  • Organized board electrics & service box

Safety meets comfort and design

The best of three worlds: The VAN TI PLUS combines state‐of‐the‐art safety features, driver assistance systems and a dynamic design. 

Individual drive concepts

Decide for yourself how you want to discover the world. The weight‐saving front‐wheel drive is part of the standard equipment but can optionally be replaced by a dynamic rear‐wheel drive or traction‐strong all‐wheel drive. Thanks to the standard Euro 6d‐Temp motorisation with AdBlue, nitrogen oxide emissions are reduced enormously and comply with current statutory regulations.

Dual-channel air suspension

Optimised tracking, reduced swaying movements and improved handling in bends are achieved by the dual‐channel air suspension on the rear axle. This further increases driving comfort and safety.

Well organised board electrics & servicebox

We made sure that everything is easily accessible when positioning the entire supply technology. As a result, you will find a clear area for the on‐board electrical system in the rear garage with space for two powerful batteries. Thanks to the charging booster, the body batteries are now charged particularly quickly and efficiently while the engine is running. Our proven ServiceBox combines all important functions and connections centrally in one place: From fresh water tank filling to a greywater drainage tap. Whether for servicing, maintenance or daily use: You never have to search or work for a long time here, but can quickly return to doing more enjoyable things.

Service flaps

The garage door and service flaps are optionally equipped with central locking for even more comfort.

Velocate GPS Tracker

If the worst comes to the worst, Velocate’s optional GPS tracking system provides you with optimal protection. The tracking system requires very little power and can transmit for up to three months independently. Thanks to app control, it is particularly easy to operate. AGPS ensures particularly fast location determination and a sensitive GPS antenna provides the best reception for tracking even in difficult environments.

Resistant fibreglass construction

The underside of the floor as well as the garage floor are coated with particularly resistant fibreglass. Combined with the XPS insulation, the vehicle is optimally protected against the weather, stone impacts or similar, and it offers optimised insulation values. For you, this means: No cold feet and a particularly long‐lasting vehicle quality. With a particularly high content of glass, the high‐strength fibreglass roof offers the highest level of hail protection, giving you worry‐free and quiet nights, even in bad weather.

Durable alu-alu sidewalls

Elaborate aluminium sandwich structures make the entire vehicle construction more stable, more resistant against rotting, and extremely durable.

KNAUS 17" alloy wheels

Optionally, the exclusive KNAUS 17" alloy wheels with a striking design and genuine KNAUS DNA ensure strong performance.

Practical gas bottle pull-out

For a particularly easy access and even faster exchange of the gas bottles we install a special pull‐out. This is suitable for two 11 kg gas bottles and can be easily pulled out and securely locked inside.

Leak-proofness guarantee

For all our leisure vehicles, we offer you a 10‐year leak‐proofness guarantee on the body manufactured by us as well as a 24‐month guarantee from your KNAUS partner within the framework of our guarantee conditions valid at the time of vehicle delivery.