Real good interior design

Do you have high expectations? No problem. The KNAUS SUN TI will exceed them. We are setting new standards with an interior that lets some luxury yachts pale by comparison. Of course we bring function and design into perfect balance. The soft‐close overhead cupboards in the kitchen and bedroom do not just look great, they also close softly and lock automatically.

  • Largest panorama skylight in its class
  • Soft‐close overhead cupboards
  • Queen bed with extra large sleeping area
  • Open bathroom with LED lighting
Living Cooking Sleeping Care Materials

Heavenly outlook

From the canopy elaborately covered with synthetic leather and the shapely swallows’ nest through to the roof‐mounted cabinets with high‐gloss finish. To name just a few details. We have given the SUN TI more highlights along the way than fit in this text. Lots more.


With rear ventilation, our furniture in extensive integral construction creates a perfect room climate.

SUN TI 700 MEG Interieur Oberschränke

The soft‐close overheard cupboards close softly and the many storage areas ensure sufficient space for all of your belongings.

SUN TI 700 MEG Interieur Schwalbennest

The swallows’ nests create extra storage space and fit elegantly into the curved roofline.

SUN TI 700 MEG Interieur Zentralsteuerung smartCI Bus-System

Do you do everything from your smartphone? The KNAUS smartCI bus system and the smartCI App do not only allow you to do so.


Extremely high value cabinetry with double floor for cable routing, solid aluminium profiles and slide guards.

Dream kitchen to take with you

The SUN TI is the nicest way to drive a semi‐integrated vehicle. And at the same time decidedly practical: Deep sink, high tap and a particularly large work surface due to clever partitioning make cooking child’s play. Not only do we think about your holiday dream. We think outside the box.

SUN TI 650 MF Interieur Apothekerauszug

Large pull‐out medicine drawer in best KNAUS quality with plenty of room for all kinds of treats.

SUN TI 650 MF Interieur Soft-Close Schubladen mit Vollauszug
High quality

Soft‐close drawers with full extension for easy access and space for cooking utensils.

SUN TI 650 MF Interieur Soft-Close Klappen

The soft‐close flaps close gently and lock automatically. Good solution, don’t you think?

SUN TI 650 MF Interieur Oberschränke mit Ambiente-Beleuchtung

This ambient lighting is truly unbelievably comprehensive and practical.

Good night in 7th heaven

Really a shame that your eyes are closed in here for most of the time. This lounger is a real eye‐catcher. The head piece as well as the side piece are both covered with very special care with wonderfully soft synthetic leather. The wall units provide lots of storage space.

SUN TI 700 MEG Interieur Einzelbetten mit Oberschränken

There needs to be a bit more room for your feet at night. No problem thanks to the folding extension.

SUN TI 700 MEG Interieur Betten mit 5-Zonen Komfort-Kaltschaummatratzen
High quality

A good night’s sleep is important and a matter of course for us. Proof? The 5‐zone comfort cold‐foam mattress.

SUN TI 700 MX Interieur Queensbett

The queen‐sized bed with extra large sleeping area in the 700 MX: Due to the central layout, each side of the bed even has its own wardrobe.

Featuring all the tricks

A good morning is part of a good day. And for this we have created the best conditions. Because the en‐suite bathroom not only ensures a tremendous amount of freedom of movement, but also more privacy. This is just how a wellness oasis for on the road should look.

SUN TI 700 MEG Interieur Dusche

The en‐suite bathroom houses a large shower with storage options and a shapely shower head.

SUN TI 700 MEG Interieur Spiegelschrank im Bad

The spacious mirrored cabinet provides lots of room for shaving foam, perfume, lipstick, etc.

SUN TI 700 MEG Interieur Badspiegel mit integrierter LED-Beleuchtung

The elaborately integrated LED illumination in the mirror is both practical and beautiful.

SUN TI 650 MEG Interieur Bad
Bath variants

A real feast for the eyes: This is how nice the bathroom in the SUN TI 650 MEG looks.

SUN TI upholstery options

Blue Marine
Active Line
Active Rock
Active Line
Active Royal
Las Vegas
Indian Summer