Real good interior design

Do you have high expectations? No problem. The KNAUS SUN TI will exceed them. We are setting new standards with an interior that lets some luxury yachts pale by comparison. Of course we bring function and design into perfect balance. The soft‐close overhead cupboards in the kitchen and bedroom do not just look great, they also close softly and lock automatically.

  • Largest panorama skylight in its class
  • Soft‐close overhead cupboards
  • Queen bed with extra large sleeping area
  • Open bathroom with LED lighting
Living Cooking Sleeping Care Materials

He loves the blanket of snow, she’s looking forward to the blanket of wool

Both enjoy the underfloor heating and the effective protection against cold of the double floor in the interior compartment.

High‐gloss furniture décor

The elegant finish on the furniture fronts is created using a special, extremely scratch‐resistant coating.


Optimum networking of units built into the vehicle. Control the lights throughout the vehicle, check the levels of all tanks or the capacity of the batteries. And with the optional WLAN package, you can do all of this conveniently from your smartphone or tablet.

Dining in the glow of the light

Thanks to the elegant ambient lighting around the entire kitchenette, even making a cup of tea becomes an atmospheric highlight.

Spacious longitudinal kitchen

Thanks to the clever layout, even the more compact longitudinal kitchen contains everything you could need.

Practical medical cabinet

Sturdily built and featuring high‐quality workmanship, it has plenty of space for all of your supplies.

Generous storage space

Thanks to their full‐ extension drawer slides, the drawers can easily be used all the way to the back. High‐quality pull‐out baskets take care of the rest.

Will we lie down a little bit longer?

Florian’s answer is as clear as the starlit night. And thanks to the extendible single beds, they can enjoy the entire sleeping area together.

Extendible single beds

Quick and effortless: Pull out the roll‐up slatted frame and insert the cushions. The single beds are transformed into a large double bed.

Island bed with wardrobes

For maximum storage space, you’ll find spacious wardrobes on the left and right beside the island bed.

Wardrobes under the beds

Thanks to the numerous storage possibilities, practical lighting and wide access, you’ll easily find space for all your belongings.

Singing and dancing in the shower

Tina certainly has enough space for that here. And with high‐quality fittings like these, even Florian can understand.

Generous dimensions

Everything that you need for a relaxing shower. Practical shelves, plenty of space and two drains so that the water drains without difficulty even if the vehicle is at a slight angle.

Fully‐equipped bathroom

Plenty of space on the wash stand, a large wash basin and the stylish integrated lighting in the mirror make your bathroom as beautiful as it is practical.

The COZY HOME packages

You would like to be even more beautiful and comfortable? Extend the comfort of your motorhome with the cozy pillows, blankets and table runners from our COZY HOME package.

SUN TI Upholstery Options

Active Line

Available against extra charge.

Active Line

Available against extra charge.