Even as a two-axle vehicle, a true luxury liner

The SUN I is not only the new flagship of the KNAUS fleet. It is our definition of passion and enthusiasm; of perfection and luxury. We have designed the vehicle interior in such a manner that it doesn’t just meet the highest demands, it exceeds them. Beginning with the stylish floors constructed in a yacht design and including the most beautiful and luxurious ambient lights that were ever used in a mobile home: Every SUN I is full of fascination.

  • Ambient lighting in LED technology
  • Retractable 32‟ LED‐TV
  • Large glass cabinet
  • Electric floor storage compartment
KNAUS SUN I 2-Achser
Living Cooking Sleeping Care Materials

Awash in a sea of lights

Soft, elaborately quilted leather, exquisite high‐gloss fronts and an extremely impressive ambient lighting that has no equal throughout the entire industry. Where would you be better able to enjoy the most wonderful time of year, than in one of the most beautiful motorhomes that we’ve ever created?

High Gloss Presentation

In particular, the SUN I represents one thing: Dedicated attention to detail. It is important to achieve the best and the most beautiful solution – not the cheapest. This led to the construction of drawers with ambient lighting and intricate push‐lock closures without disturbing handles. Or to put it in a nutshell: We have created something special.

Relaxing hours become standard

You might be inclined to believe that the bedroom in the SUN I was designed to give the star‐studded night a run for its money. Elegantly lit swallow’s nest, an exquisite illuminated canopy that spans almost the entire width and a gently lined leather back wall. Who wouldn’t enjoy relaxing here?

The Third Dimension

What a beautiful wall lining with slate structure. By now you’ve most probably noticed how beautiful the SUN I is. But it can also be wonderfully practical. The moveable back wall of the toilet area enables the 3D in‐room bath to be optimally used.

SUN I upholstery options

Indian Summer
Modern Cream
Dark Coffee