As multifarious as your travel destinations

The kitchen-, bath- and bed variations in our integrated motorhomes

Get in, drive off, feel good. Our fully‐integrated motorhomes were designed for maximal comfort. Only because you are in vacation, does not mean you have to lower your demands. Especially the small details, like the door to the washing room which acts at the same time as a room seperater, or the wardrobes which are hidden under the beds are responsible for that.

  • 3 clever kitchen variations
  • 5 comfortable bed variations
  • 3 spacious bath variations
  • optimal space use

Delectable, our kitchen variants

A kitchen has to withstand a great deal and live up to high standards. Robust counter tops, quality devices as well as well‐thought out design with short walking distances and a great deal of storage space are all in every KNAUS kitchen as standard.


1. Roomy L‐shape. In the corner kitchen, the kitchenette can be found behind the dinette. This means that the sink and the stove can be placed on the corner. This ensures a great deal of work space.

2. Large refrigerator.
190 litres is sufficient volume for all supplies.

Longitudinal galley kitchen

1. Extending counter top. The extremely stable folding additional surface provides additional room in a flash when cooking.

2. Soft‐close drawers. Due to a full extension, supplies and crockery can be easily reached.

Compact kitchen

1. Integrated refrigerator. It offers a spacious 108‐litre volume and is directly integrated into the kitchenette.

2. Extra‐deep sink. Even large saucepans can be easily cleaned thanks to its depth.

Discover our bed variants

Travel means experiencing and relaxing. So that you can start an eventful day on vacation refreshed, various types of bed are available: from extending single beds to a large reclining area. How would you like to bed down?

Single beds

1. Generously‐sized beds. Depending on the layout, single beds are up to 201cm in length and about 90cm in width.

2. Storage space and double bed. Additional storage space can be found beneath the beds. Due to form‐fitting upholstery, a comfortable double bed with a width of over 200cm can be (optionally) created in a flash from the single beds.

Queen-size bed

1. Spacious ascent. A wardrobe is positioned on both sides of the bed.

2. Central position. Access to the Island bed is possible from both sides due to its being arranged in the centre.

Transveral bed

1. Ideal for longer sleepers. The Transverse beds are up to 212cm in length and 150cm wide.

2. Perfectly integrated.
The Transverse bed requires very little room and therefore creates more living space.

Guest bed

1. Variable and comfortable. Simply lower the table, add the upholstery, and an additional bed is available.

2. Stable lifting table. It is the foundation for the guest bed and is correspondingly stable.

Lifting bed

1. Lower with ease. The Drop down beds can be lowered to a particularly low level, ensuring ease of access without a ladder.

2. Space‐saving.
When not in use, the living area is still at a comfortable standing height.

Experience our bathroom variants

Stylish, well‐designed, and spacious describe KNAUS bathrooms. During design we place great store on elegant forms, as much storage space as possible, and a pleasing atmosphere. With the design, we aim to ensure that the bath provides as much space as possible, whilst taking up little space.

Open bath

1. Rotating toilet. This means every centimetre of space is best used and freedom of movement in the bathroom is maximised.

2. More shower space. The open bath provides room for a particularly large shower with numerous shelves for all cosmetics.

3. Elegant design. The elegant stone finish fits the overall concept perfectly.

Comfort bathroom

1. The space miracle. The pivoting wall in the comfort bathroom ensures, on the one hand, great convenience due to the spacious shower cabin.

2. For more mobility. The washbasin is attached to the other side of the swivelling wall. This means that you always have exactly the space you need.

Quality bathroom

1. Quality glass shower cabin. The generous proportions, numerous shelves, and the integrated skylight are all features of the shower in our luxury bathroom.

2. Room arrangement depending on needs. Due to the intelligent door construction and quality magnetic door lock, the toilet area, or indeed the whole bathroom, can be separated.

3. Fully‐fledged mirror cabinet.
All your cosmetics can be easily stored in here. The lighting is elegantly integrated in the mirror.