The high degree of engineering skill for the interior

Everything good comes from above. In the evening, the largest lifting bed in its class ensures heavenly sleep comfort and illuminates the spacious seating area. Thanks to the complex mechanics, the standing height is over 1.90 metres throughout. We don’t stop thinking about ways to improve our products for you.

  • The largest lifting bed in its class
  • Wonderful panorama skylight
  • USB ports for your smartphone or other devices
  • Foldable mirror and wash table
Living Cooking Sleeping Care Materials

A pure delight

A lift‐up bed often seems like a foreign object in the living space of a motorhome. With us it looks different. And naturally better. Because with the SKY WAVE, the bed is perfectly integrated, elaborately covered with synthetic leather and fitted with wood inserts and halogen spotlights.

SKY WAVE 650 MF Interieur Sitzbank

Perfect accessible light switches and particularly comfortable seats are always a joy.

SKY WAVE 650 MF Interieur Staufach
Attention to detail

Extra storage compartments and an access point to the chassis elaborately covered with synthetic leather.

SKY WAVE 650 MF Interieur Oberschränke im Wood-Style Oberflächen mit Metallgriffen
High value

The wood‐style surfaces and metal handles not only look good, but have a pleasant touch and feel.

SKY WAVE 700 MEG Interieur USB-Steckdose

The USB sockets for smartphone, tablet, MP3 player etc. are simply practical.

SKY WAVE 650 MF Interieur Panorama-Dach

And because we are perfectionists, you can still enjoy the sun in the SKY WAVE, despite the lifting bed.

Joy of cooking

What makes a really good kitchen? Plenty of storage space in the wall units and large drawers that open fully as well as boast a practical soft‐close function. And a stylish cooker that can easily accommodate even large pans. The dream kitchen is ready and waiting in the KNAUS SKY WAVE.

SKY WAVE 650 MF Interieur Küche

We have many strengths. Furniture construction is certainly one of them. 

SKY WAVE 650 MF Interieur extra tiefe Spüle aus Edelstahl und 3-Flammkocher

Extra deep and made of stainless steel. This makes it practical, looks great and feels high quality.

SKY WAVE 650 MF Interieur 3-Flammkocher mit Guss-Rost

The 3‐hob stove with cast‐iron pan support is positioned so that there is a large work surface in front of it.

Fall asleep superbly

Alarm clocks are banned from the KNAUS SKY WAVE. Because if you have the chance to sleep on this particularly high‐quality 5‐zone comfort cold‐foam mattress, you really should make full use of it. But even with your eyes open you will feel great here. Guaranteed.

SKY WAVE 650 MF Interieur 140 cm breites Hubbett mit 5-Zonen Komfort-Kaltschaummatratzen
Space wizard

The lifting bed is 140 cm wide and the largest in its class. Furthermore, it can be lowered more than in any other model. 

SKY WAVE 650 MF Interieur klappbare Bettverbreiterung

There needs to be a bit more room for your feet tonight. No problem thanks to the folding extension.

SKY WAVE 650 MF Interieur flexibel einstellbare Leselampe

Also available in the SKY WAVE: Our high‐quality and flexibly adjustable reading lamps.

SKY WAVE 700 MEG Interieur ausziehbare Einzelbetten

Bed option (SKY WAVE 700 MEG): If needed, the single beds turn into a large sleeping area by means of the pull‐out middle section.

Bring on the water

The most sophisticated solutions are usually also the best. The fact that you quickly fold the washbasin including mirror to the side like a door and use the full‐fledged shower partition for showering is sure to impress. We really do know every trick in the book.

SKY WAVE 650 MF Interieur Waschbecken

The elegant washbasin is wider towards the front. This enables the optimal use of every millimetre. 

SKY WAVE 650 MF Interieur zur Seite klappbares Waschbecken und Spiegel

It never gets uncomfortable on a cassette toilet. Thanks to a great deal of space to move around.

SKY WAVE 650 MF Interieur Duschkabine
Fold away

So where is the shower cubicle? Here of course. The mirror and washbasin simply fold away to the side.

SKY WAVE 700 MEG Interieur Bad
Bathroom option

Compact, but never cramped: Thanks to the flexible bathroom variant in the SKY WAVE 700 MEG, there is sufficient room for a large kitchen.

SKY WAVE upholstery options

Blue Marine
Active Line
Active Rock
Active Line
Active Royal
Las Vegas
Indian Summer