More room, more equipment, more alcoves.

What is important for families when choosing a motorhome? That’s right. Lots of space. And there is more than enough space in the KNAUS SKY TRAVELLER. The alcove doesn’t just ensure a nice room climate and an imposing standing height, but it is also a spacious playground for your little ones. With quality and equipment, it will magically put a smile on your face.

  • Sleeps up to six people
  • Optional 190‐litre XXL refrigerator
  • Heated & rear‐ventilated bunk bed
  • Swivelling cassette toilettes
Living Cooking Sleeping Care Materials

Family meeting place

Besides the alcove, the SKY TRAVELLER differs from its siblings on one additional point. It is the only one to feature a double dinette, in which the entire family can find a favourite spot. And of course couples will also enjoy the larger amount of space.

SKY TRAVELLER 650 DG SL Interieur Alkoven-Bett mit Leiter

Easy access to the alcove bed and optimal interlocksystem for the ladder to ensure a safe climb up.

SKY TRAVELLER 600 DKG Interieur optionales klappbares Alkoven-Bett mit Leiter
Fold away

Except for the 650 DG SUPERLIGHT, the bed is optionally available as a foldable variant.

SKY TRAVELLER 650 DG SL Interieur Flachbildfernseher

The flat‐screen television brings the world’s events to the SKY TRAVELLER even on your travels.

SKY TRAVELLER 650 DGSL  Interieur Versorgungstechnik

Cleverly installed technology for more storage space and more mobility.

SKY TRAVELLER 650 DG SL Interieur Oberfläche der Dachschränke als Nachttisch

Look great, feel great: the wood‐style surfaces with metal handles.

Large kitchen on wheels

Holiday makes you hungry. And cooking is fun. The kitchen is made perfectly and arranged clearly. The adjustable halogen spots and the LED light strip give you plenty of light. With this kitchen, even large families are full and satisfied in not time at all.

SKY TRAVELLER 650 DG SL Interieur Schubladen mit Vollauszug

The large drawers with practical full pull‐out are ready to use and will ensure many years of holiday fun.

SKY TRAVELLER 650 DG SL Interieur Küche

Design meets function. The shapely and colour contrasting shelf also houses a socket.

SKY TRAVELLER 650 DG SL Interieur Kühlschrank optional mit 190 Litern

Refrigerator with 190 l on request for fresh ingredients and separate freezer compartment.

SKY TRAVELLER 500 D Interieur Küche mit Halogen-Spots und LED-Lichtleiste
Kitchen option

Small, but fine: The kitchenette in the SKY TRAVELLER 500 D is compact and fully equipped.

Welcome to slumberland

What is important when it comes to a bed in the alcove? It must be heated and rear ventilated for a pleasant indoor climate. And naturally it should also be at least 150 cm wide and 200 cm long and have a 5‐zone comfort cold‐foam mattress.

SKY TRAVELLER 650 DG SL Interieur Zusatzbett

If four beds are still not enough, then the seating area can simply be converted into an additional guest bed.

SKY TRAVELLER 650 DG SL Interieur Oberfläche der Dachschränke als Nachttisch
Thought through

The overhead cupboards easily convert to a beside table. And this also includes an outlet for smartphone and other devices.

SKY TRAVELLER 650 DG SL Interieur Alkoven-Bett mit 5-Zonen Komfort-Kaltschaummatratze

Bed option (SKY TRAVELLER 650 DG): Wonderfully relaxing. With maximum space to move around on an area of 212 x 137 cm.

SKY TRAVELLER 600 DKG Interieur Stockbett

Bed option (SKY TRAVELLER 600 DKG): Playing, frolicking, climbing. There is nothing better than a bunk bed.

All singing, all dancing

Flexibility is the answer for up to 6 people and one bathroom. And the KNAUS SKY TRAVELLER bathroom offers exactly that. The movable washbasin makes room for the toilet and sliding it back makes room for a shower. Isn't that simply ingenious?

SKY TRAVELLER 650 DG SL Interieur Bad

The swivel cassette toilet makes ideal use of the space created by the movable washbasin.

SKY TRAVELLER 650 DG SL Interieur Duschbrause
High quality

Looks like at home and also works just as well. The shapely shower head in the SKY TRAVELLER.

SKY TRAVELLER 650 DG SL Interieur flexibles Waschbecken

A whole lot of good ideas: The washbasin and the fittings can be moved to the side and therefore makes room for the toilet.

SKY TRAVELLER 500 D Interieur Badvariante mit variabler Tür

Bathroom option (SKY TRAVELLER 500 D): The bathroom option with the folding mirrored cabinet that turns into a shower cubicle.

SKY TRAVELLER upholstery options

Blue Marine
Active Line
Active Rock
Active Line
Active Royal
Las Vegas
Indian Summer
Fresh Mint