Skipping your holiday? Not an option!

As the owner of a KNAUS vehicle, you enjoy your freedom and can start your adventure again as soon as possible with a secure feeling!

You need a holiday? We have the perfect solution!

Experience maximum freedom and individuality with your leisure vehicle. Save yourself the stress of booking and become a spontaneous holidaymaker.

With your own bathroom, kitchen and home, there are no limits to your holiday wishes. Decide when and where you want to travel – you always have your own four walls with you. 

Advantages of the holiday form caravanning

  • Your own hotel on wheels
  • Everything you need
  • Own sanitary facilities on board
  • Pure freedom
Keine öffentlichen Verkehrsmittel - KNAUS Freizeitfahrzeuge - Urlaub trotz Corona

Keeping a safe distance? No problem!

In your KNAUS leisure vehicle you always have the complete full equipment with you. You can travel flexibly and independently from campsite to campsite without having to rely on public transport. The in‐house kitchen, toilet and shower also enable you to keep a safe distance from other guests without any difficulty.

Urlaub trotz Corona im eigenen Bett

Sleeping in your own bed? Why not on holiday?

Never again will you have the feeling of sleeping in a different bed and being one of many people who spent their night in it. In your own motorhome, caravan or camper van from KNAUS you always have your own bed with you. Comfortable mattress, own bed linen and restful sleep included!

Das eigene Bad mit KNAUS - Urlaub trotz Corona

Your own sanitary facilities? On board!

You don't have to worry about this either. Brushing your teeth in the morning, showering after sports and using the toilet - everything like at home in your own four walls. Because safety and well-being are extremely important right now.

Urlaub trotz Corona - Kein Koffergewicht beim Campen mit KNAUS

Having to pay attention to the weight of your suitcase when packing? Absolutely not!

In your KNAUS leisure vehicle you have enough storage space for your favourite holiday utensils! For bicycles, provisions, your barbecue, camping chairs and much more!

Mit einem KNAUS Freizeitfahrzeug flexibel die Route ändern

Staying in one place for two weeks? You don’t have to!

With your leisure vehicle from KNAUS you are ready for a change of location at any time. You don’t like it in one place as much as you thought: Just drive on and change the route! You are completely flexible and can enjoy the freedom to decide spontaneously where the route takes you today.

Eigene Küche mit KNAUS

Having to do without your favourite dish? Out of the question!

In your own kitchen, you can prepare wonderful menus from the food you store in your fridge at any time and are therefore completely independent of restaurants. After preparing, you will eat in a family atmosphere on the „terrace“ in front of your vehicle.

Aktuelle Reisebestimmungen - Urlaub mit KNAUS trotz Corona

Better safe than sorry

All information about the current travel regulations and advice on rules of conduct at the campsites.

Holiday in a motorhome

Why is camping the safest form of holiday in times of Corona?

  • You have practically no touch points to other holidaymakers / campers and can always keep your safety distance!
  • There is no need to travel by public transport.
  • You can travel completely self‐sufficient because you have everything on board: Kitchen with refrigerator, bathroom with water tank, bedroom etc. You are not dependent on anything or anyone. #EverywhereAtHome
  • You travel safely and at the same time completely flexible! You decide today where you want to go tomorrow.
  • You are always in your own four walls with your family, your friends or your partner. #EverywhereAtHome
  • You do not have to worry about hygiene regulations. You have everything you need with you.

Find a floorplan that’s right for you!

Your dream vehicle is only a few clicks away: Our floorplan finder helps you to find a suitable KNAUS motorhome or caravan.

Find a floorplan now
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In the first step, please select the vehicle variant of your desired model.

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At a minimum, what sleeping possibilities should be offered in your new KNAUS? Please be aware that both lifting and folding beds will also be considered.

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What bed variants do you prefer? Here you can select several favourites.

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How big and heavy can your dream vehicle be? What is your price segment?

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Exterior dimensions

Rent vs. Buy

Are you an experienced tenant and have been considering a leisure vehicle from KNAUS for some time? And rightly so! Because buying a KNAUS motorhome, caravan or camper van has important advantages compared to renting. The right decisions are especially important right now. 

Camping ist die sicherste Urlaubsform - Urlaub trotz Corona

Ready to leave at any time

Going away spontaneously at the weekend with your family or with a befriended couple? When purchasing a vehicle, it will always be ready in the driveway waiting for the next short trip. Booking stress and long lead times are simply eliminated. If the weather is fine, just start!

Mit KNAUS Freizeitfahrzeugen jeder Zeit abfahrbereit

Ready to leave at any time

Going away spontaneously at the weekend with your family or with a befriended couple? When purchasing a vehicle, it will always be ready in the driveway waiting for the next short trip. Booking stress and long lead times are simply eliminated. If the weather is fine, just start!

Individuelle Ausstattung in KNAUS Freizeitfahrzeugen

Individual equipment

Because your vehicle is already parked in the driveway, the most important equipment such as camping chairs, grill etc. is already loaded. Save yourself the long journey to your rental station, the time‐consuming loading and unloading and set up your leisure vehicle in the way that suits you best.

The right model for every camper

Our partners

To make your holiday even more enjoyable

We have more in common with our partners than just good business relations because only those who think and feel the same way as we do can recognise what is really important for an eventful camping trip. From the equipment of the vehicle to the choice of the perfect campsite, we want to use our experience and that of our partners to make your holiday as relaxed as possible.


Enjoy the country life! With the travel and enjoyment guide LANDVERGNÜGEN, owners of motorhomes and caravans get to know exclusive rural pitches on the most beautiful farms in Germany. The Landvergnügen vignette valid for a year (enclosed with the site guide) allows the holidaymaker to stay one night free of charge at the host farms.


The portal FERIENSTRASSEN. INFO, the tour planner DREAMANGO as well as the travel guide are the sources of inspiration for entertaining excursions and demanding holiday trips by motorhome or caravan along the routes of the holiday road network.

mein PLATZ

Your pitch and camping site portal with travel guide, route maps, themed areas & more. Here you will find a well‐chosen selection of quality‐oriented sites from Germany and 8 other European countries. Mein PLATZ – we live motorhome!

KNAUS Händlersuche für Reisemobile, Wohnwagen und Camper Vans

Find your KNAUS dealer

We know: It’s not easy to choose „the one KNAUS“. We would like to have them all in the garage! So that you can experience our vehicles up close and personal, you can find all the KNAUS dealers in your area here.