Special edition

  450 FU  


Lift-tilt sunroof, HEKI II
Insect protection blind, full length of the door
Fixing supports, solid form, long
Drawbar covering (not available in combination with bike rack on drawbar)
Extendible slatted frame for single beds-
Move-out for bed extension with compensating cushion-
Textile wall covering above the bed[*]
Flat screen TV 19“ LCD monitor
Holder for flat screen TV swivelling
Combi-external plug socket (combination electricity + TV)
USB port above the seating group
Kitchen equipment comprising: Kitchen roll holder, spice board, hooks for dish towels-
Weight increase cat. 2 (1.500 kg)
Flat plate with special product artwork
Aluminum wheels
Radio preparation incl. 2 speakers and cable laying
Radio/CD/MP3-Tuner with USB
Ambiance lighting
COZY-HOME package includes: 2 decorative cushions, 2 sleeping pillows, 2 blankets, 1 table runner; available variants: EARTH, STONE, AVOCADO, AQUA, MAGNOLIA, PEACH
KNAUS comfort bed – cold-foam mattress incl. disc-spring bed bases

Additional information

– Not technically feasible

1) Not possible with front window 100918

* Not possible with front window 100918

Please consider the technical data and the specifications on the standard equipment as well as the specifications on the optional equipment included in the special model (including weight indications). Please refer to the current KNAUS caravan price list 2018 where you can find these specifications. The included optional equipment increases the mass of the vehicle with standard equipment. Please contact your dealer for further information. (Comparison models Südwind 420 QD, 460 EU, 450 FU, 500 FU, 500 EU, 500 FDK, 500 FDK, 580 QS, 580 EU, 580 FSK, 590 FUS, 700 EU, 750 UFK). | Please refer to the notes and explanations

We reserve the right to any technical modifications as to design, colour, and equipment, if technical improvement requires us to do so.