Optional Equipment

  580 EU  
Standard equipment
Optional equipment
Not possible
Equipmentkg420 QD450 FU460 EU500 EU500 FDK500 FU500 FVU500 FSK580 EU580 FSK580 QS590 FUS700 EU750 UFK
AL-KO-ATC traction control system4,5
Aluminium wheels for Mono axle starting from 1.400 kg-
Aluminium wheels for tandem axle-
Spare wheel incl. car jack25
Spare wheel with alloy rim, underfloor adjustment15
Roadway kit tyre filling system incl. compressor2,5
Wheel trims-
Fixing supports, solid form, long6,5
Truma Mover XT / mono axle til 2.000 kg – Installation requires combination with 12 V mobile system (Opt. 250376)28
Truma Mover XT 2 / tandem axle til 2.400 kg – Installation requires combination with 12 V mobile system (Opt. 250376)28
Truma Mover XT 4 / tandem axle starting from 2.500 kg – Installation requires combination with 12 V mobile system (Opt. 250376)60
Windows, doors, vents
Hinged window8
Hinged window bathroom incl. cassette combi blind-
2. garage door 60 x 95 cm, left or right side to select (not in combination with 3rd bunk bed)5,5
Lift-tilt sunroof, HEKI II7,2
Insect protection blind, full length of the door3
Service flap lockable1,5
Roof railing10
Drawbar covering (not available in combination with bike rack on drawbar)4
THULE LIFT V16, manuell - Bike rack for 2 bikes (rear) , max. load 50 kg (not possible with rear window)-
THULE Caravan SUPERB - Bike rack on drawbar, for 2 bikes (max. load capacity 60 kg)5
Exterior gas socket7
Registration papers-
Interior furnishing
Living / sleeping
Bunk bed-
Linen cupboard bunk bed-
3rd bunk bed with Linen cupboard (750 UFK linen cupboard not possible)3
Fixed beds with spring mattress9,5
Adjustment for table flexibly-
KNAUS comfort bed – cold-foam mattress incl. disc-spring bed bases1
Extendible slatted frame for single beds2
Move-out for bed extension with compensating cushion-
Fitted sheet set - to fit mattress shape - for 2 beds (for permanent beds depending on layout)-
Fitted sheet set - to fit mattress shape - for 4 or 5 beds (for permanent and bunk beds depending on layout)-
Carpeting for body length 400 to 4605
Carpeting for body length 500 to 5906
Carpeting for body length 650 to 7507
Airmix proportioning of fresh air unit in air circulation system1
Textile wall covering above the bed*-
Upholstery and textiles
Upholstery selection „Active Royal“ or „Active Rock“-
COZY HOME package includes: 2 decorative cushions, 2 sleeping pillows, 2 blankets, 1 table runner3
Ambiance lighting-
Aerial package Caro14
Additional 230 V socket inside0,3
Additional 12 V socket inside0,3
Combi-external plug socket (combination electricity + TV)-
Flat screen TV 19“ LCD monitor9
Holder for flat screen TV, swivelling3
12 V mobile system, comprising: Gel battery, automatic charger, and master switch28,6
Radio preparation incl. 2 speakers and cable laying1
Radio/CD/MP3-Tuner with USB - only available in combination with radio preparation1
USB port above the seating group1
Additional socket in the kitchen-
USB port above the seating group-
Smoke warning system0,3
Gas, heating, water, air conditioning
Air condition Freshjet 220030
Exterior gas socket-
Mono Contol CS vertical (on 1 gas bottle)-
Duo Control CS vertical (on 2 gas bottles)1,3
Remote display + ice-ex for DuoControl0,5
ALDE hot water heating34
Electric floor heating up to body length 5507
Electric floor heating starting from body length 5807,5
Additional electric heating Truma Ultraheat2
Waste water tank mobile, 25 litre3,3
City water supply connection (only in combination with fresh water tank 45 ltr.)0,5
Fresh water tank mobile, 25 ltr3,3
Fresh water tank liquid level indicator-
Hot-water system Truma gas boiler, 10 l, mixer taps, shower equipment, shower curtain, 25 l waste water tank19
Gas warning system-
Kitchen and sanitary area
Extractor hood2,5
Kitchen equipment comprising: Kitchen roll holder, spice board, hooks for dish towels1,5
189 l Dometic refrigerator with separate freezer door, 230V/gas instead of 108 l (gas operation in driving mode are only allowed in combination with Truma Mono Contol)5
Additional shower kit for longitudinally positioned bathroom2
Additional shower kit for centrally positioned bathroom2
Oven with grill13,2
Awning Omnistor
Awning 305 cm x 250 cm – starting from body length 42023
Awning 405 cm x 250 cm – starting from body length 50030
Awning 455 cm x 250 cm – starting from body length 59033
Awning with mounting on the roof 400 cm x 250 cm40
Awning with mounting on the roof 455 cm x 250 cm42
Weight increase
1.300 up to 1.400/1.50015
1.300 up to 1.400/1.500//1.600/1.700 kg15 // 25
1.400 up to 1.500 kg-
1.400 up to 1.600/1.700 kg25
1.500 up to 1.600/1.700/1.800 kg25
1.600 up to 1.700 kg-
1.600 up to 1.800/1.900 kg **15
1.700 up to 1.800/1.900 kg **15
1.900 up to 2.000 kg-
1.900 up to 2.500 kg40
2.000 up to 2.500 kg-

Additional information

x = standard equipment
– = not available
• = option

* Depending on the design: Pepita, Mocca or Active fabrics
** Alloy rims must be fitted for load increases to 1.900 kg due to their higher payload capacity