Special edition

  650 UDF  

* In some cases, figures show equipment features that are not standard.


AL-KO-AAA premium brake (self-adjusting brakes)
Support wheel with integrated damper
Fixing supports, solid form, long
17" alloy wheels for single-axle models, front polished in titan gloss in exclusive KNAUS Design
17" alloy wheels for tandem-axle models, front polished in titan gloss in exclusive KNAUS Design
Weight increase cat. 2 / 2.500 kg
Side walls in flate plate white - single-axle models
Side walls in flate plate white - tandem-axle models
Waste water tank mobile, 25 litre
COZY HOME package includes: 2 decorative cushions, 2 sleeping pillows, 2 blankets, 1 table runner; available variants: EARTH, STONE, AVOCADO, AQUA, MAGNOLIA, PEACH
Extendible slatted frame for single beds
Ambience lighting incl. kitchen back wall in worktop material
Electrical outlets Plus package
Combi-external plug socket (electricity + TV)
TV holder
Textile wall covering above the bed 1)
Hinged window bathroom incl. cassette combi blind
Insect protection blind, full length of the door
Cabin door KNAUS STYLE PLUS with the following additional equipment as compared to KNAUS STYLE door: Multi-locking, incl. window with shading feature
Lift-tilt sunroof, HEKI II
KO gas sensor / Smoke alarm
Water filter system "BWT - Best-Camp mini"
Upholstery and special graphic "SILVER SELECTION"

Additional information

– not technically feasible

not possible with front window 100918; on 500 KD and 580 QS textile wall covering on side walls

Please refer to the notes and explanations