Caravan novelties

Discover our new world of 2017 caravan models

Just in time for the Caravan Salon trade fair, we have completely redesigned our largest model highlights – and have included a revolutionary world debut. With a new design, improved equipment and lots of exciting extras, we are launching the 2017 model year.


Light, lighter, the lightest: For our new TRAVELINO, superlatives are just about good enough. With a gross vehicle weight of only 750 kg, we have completely redefined lightweight caravan construction – and in doing so have not left anything out that is important for a full‐fledged camper. With the TRAVELINO, we combine quality typical of KNAUS with future‐proof innovations. We use this insight to make the caravan ready for tomorrow: Camping has never been more economical, more flexible and simpler for the entire family.


The new SÜDWIND is coming! So that even this generation of our iconic caravan will again become something very special, we didn’t just improve numerous equipment details. The new SÜDWIND SILVER SELECTION receives a completely new interior that sets new standards in terms of design and space requirements. And of course, the SILVER SELECTION again provides convincing arguments by offering excellent price advantages and exclusive design elements!



The KNAUS LIFESTYLE is convincing. Now even for holiday goers that love travelling together. Featuring an innovative living concept that has been developed in a fully different style than you would expect, however just as you desire.