Unique design and individual equipment

Extravagant design and its mix of traditional caravan and cool lounge define our LIFESTYLE. This also includes the stylish upholstery with modern colour accents and the really cool equipment that leaves nothing to be desired. The light‐filled interior of the LIFESTYLE is rounded off by unique accessories and high‐quality workmanship.

  • Bar with bar stool
  • Unique upholsteries
  • Cool lounge area
  • Individual lighting concept
Living Cooking Sleeping Care Materials

The lounge to take with you

Urban design meets Lower Bavarian craftmanship. And in next to no time, the LIFESTYLE lounge becomes a comfortable double bed. The innovative and unconventional living room concept provides a distinctive ambience. The KNAUS LIFESTYLE has more than others promise.

LIFESTYLE Interieur Panoramafenster

Reading, listening to music or enjoying a glance in the distance. The seating area makes it possible and enjoyable.

LIFESTYLE Interieur Durchsicht auf Lounge

The revolutionary lounge layout combined with exceptional diversity. The edges of the furniture are available in brown and optionally in red.

LIFESTYLE Interieur Couchtisch

The couch table simply comes out of the seat bench and disappears again when it is not needed.

LIFESTYLE Interieur Anstelltisch mit Barfach

The bar can accommodate all sorts of spirits and, of course, familyfriendly drinks.

Holiday on the kitchen island

Holiday makes you hungry. And cooking is fun. The KNAUS LIFESTYLE kitchen is made perfectly and arranged clearly. The unique bar counter provides lots of room for hungry holidaymakers and serves as a spacious worktop during preparation. The perfect combination of function and design is our motivation.

LIFESTYLE Interieur Küche

The caravan was turned into an urban loft with modern and minimalistic design. 

LIFESTYLE Interieur Tresen mit Barhocker

Who really wants a dining room table if a large counter with bar stools is available? 

LIFESTYLE Interieur Küche

Unassuming and reliable. Even in the LIFESTYLE, not everything has to be somewhat outlandish.

LIFESTYLE Interieur Küche

The extra‐deep sink in the kitchen island even takes on large pots.

Stretch out and go to sleep

Sleeping in the KNAUS LIFESTYLE is just great. On gigantic 212 x 160 cm you will find a good night’s sleep and also certainly the strength for many new holiday adventures. We have simply thought of everything so, just for once, you don’t have to worry about anything and can just relax.

LIFESTYLE Interieur Stockbett

Even the wildest tearaways fall peacefully into bed in here. Whether you also want to go to bed is another question. In any case, the separate lighting helps against evil monsters.

LIFESTYLE 550 LK Interieur Beleuchtung

What would a stylish loft be without the lighting to match? Only half as attractive in any case. This is why we have additional ambient lighting on the wall units, in the swallows nests and behind the curtains.

LIFESTYLE Interieur Stockbett

In the swallows nests above the bunk bed there is room for everything that makes your holiday a little bit nicer: Interesting books, funny comics or a tablet, so you can play secretly under the covers.

Wellness bathroom

The daily freshness kick for motivated holidaymakers awaits you in the LIFESTYLE. High‐quality materials, plenty of storage space and the large washstand are ready for all aspects of daily life. We can’t guarantee that cleaning your teeth is more fun than at home, but we have done everything that it could be.

LIFESTYLE upholstery options