This is how compact high quality can be

A camper van should be one thing: practical. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t also be beautiful. From the modern and tasteful colour concepts to the elegant illumination designs as well as the numerous intricate details – there is a lot to see in the ultra‐compact BOXSTAR 500.

  • Premium furniture construction
  • Soft‐close overhead cabinets
  • Comfortable lift bed
  • Foldable mirror cabinet
Living Cooking Sleeping Care Materials

A space wizard away on travel

When we talk about a fully‐equipped camper van, then that is really how we mean it. Even for the ultra‐compact BOXSTAR 500. The extendable lifting bed offers excellent comfort across an area of 194 x 130 cm. In order to ensure that the appearance is on target, we have created our new elegant pearly white surfaces with cross‐grid pattern.

Compact outside, just right inside

Shorter than many SUVs and yet a fully equipped holiday companion. And that also applies to the kitchen. You will even keep a cool head here when things get hot. Because such full‐fledged equipment is simply a joy and every meal is made child’s play.

BOXSTAR City 500 Interieur Schublade mit integrierter Beleuchtung

The integrated drawer lighting sheds a whole new light on cooking in the evening.

BOXSTAR City 500 Interieur Soft-Close Dachschrankklappe

It used to be only available in the luxury class. Now our camper vans have it too: the exquisite soft‐close overhead cabinet doors.

BOXSTAR City 500 Interieur Küche

Unfold the workplace extension, take pots and pans from the drawers or cabinets and off you go.

Enjoy the mountain air

Sweet dreams are also a standard feature in the KNAUS BOXSTAR 500. The lowerable bed is extremely space‐saving and can be maneuvered easily. Access is possible without a ladder and the bed itself is extremely spacious with lots of overhead room. When we talk about space marvels, we really mean what we say.

With us it simply works

How were we able to integrate the largest bath into the smallest camper van? It took a lot of skill and masterful furniture construction. Since the bed is not located in the back of the 500 City, there is a lot of place for a spaciously designed bathroom. And we optimally used this space with the foldable washing table.


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