Compact, diverse, individual

The bed, kitchen and bathroom variants in our CUV

Whether a long camping trip or a short trip to the beach: with a CUV from KNAUS you get a versatile and individually equipped companion for all your holiday dreams. So that your CUV fits exactly to your ideas, you will find a large number of models and layout variants. They offer different beds and lifting beds for the whole family or a trip for two, two kitchen variants for connoisseurs or just a snack and two bathrooms for small and large space requirements. Your compact home on the move can be so flexible, individual and versatile.

        • Several lifting bed options
        • Transverse or longitudinal beds in the rear
        • Two clever bathroom variants
        • Two practical kitchen variants

        Kitchen variants: from compact to spacious

        The kitchen is the heart of your home and you couldn’t enjoy your holiday without a large refrigerator? Or maybe you’re the kind of person who needs a hearty breakfast and that’s it? Either way, we have something for every taste with our two kitchen variants.

        Compact kitchen

        1. Integrated refrigerator. The CUV compressor refrigerator is fitted at the bottom of the kitchenette and can hold up to 70 litres.

        2. Efficient use of space.
        Thanks to the well thought‐out arrangement, there is still space between the kitchenette and sleeping area for a wardrobe with hanging rail.

        Layouts: BOXSTAR 540 ROAD, 600 LIFETIME & LIFETIME XL, BOXLIFE 540 MQ, 600 ME

        Galley kitchen

        1. 90 litre volume. That’s what you get with the refrigerator installed on top, including whisperquiet night time noise reduction system.

        2. Everything’s covered. The stainless steel sink can be covered with a special insert & used as additional workspace. The cooker has a glass cover.


        Lifting bed variants: from classic to variable

        For everyone who needs an additional separate sleeping area, our front lifting beds are the solution. Whichever variant you choose, you can always rely on especially simple handling and maximum sleeping comfort.

        Classic front lifting bed

        1. Sleeping comfort. Enjoy a comfortable rest on two cold foam mattresses with headroom of 50 cm. The classic front lifting bed can be very easily raised and lowered manually using the handle. Click fasteners and high‐strength safety belts fixed to the roof ensure optimum safety when the bed is in the stowed position.

        2. Comfortable height. When the bed is stowed, you enjoy a comfortable standing height.

        3. Protection against falls. The classic front lifting bed is also suitable for children thanks to the special safety net. When not needed, it can be removed using the click fastener.

        Optional extra: BOXSTAR 630 FREEWAY, BOXLIFE 630 ME

        Vario front lifting bed

        1. Room above and to the side. The Vario front lifting bed with headroom of 100 cm and side extension offers maximum variability and premium sleeping comfort.

        2. Electric motor. An electric motor is also available as an option for even greater ease of use.

        3. Standing height.
        When the lifting bed is not needed, you enjoy a comfortable standing height in the kitchen area.

        Optional extra:

        Bathroom variants: from compact to spacious

        Having your own wellness oasis with you at all times is a real plus for those who don’t know today where their love of travel will take them tomorrow. With a KNAUS CUV, you can choose between a standard compact bathroom and optional open bathroom.

        Compact bathroom

        1. Feeling of space. The homogeneous room division integrates perfectly into the overall layout. In this case, the passage to the rear bed through the separate bathroom area is only used as such.

        2. Perfectly designed.
        The rotating toilet offers optimum legroom and the patented shower curtain is always kept away from you thanks to the special air chamber ring.

        3. Multifunctional.
        The mirror can be very easily moved to the left and right. It can therefore serve either as splash and fall protection for the closet or as a privacy screen in front of the window.

        Open bath

        1. Feeling of space. If you choose the optional open bathroom, the bathroom area extends into the corridor. Check out the information box on the right for details of the effects.

        2. Spacious shower cabin. In just a few actions, you get an especially large shower cabin, including three drains. With a half turn, the cabin also functions as a room partition.

        3. Bi‐functional washbasin. Thanks to the folding function, the compact handbasin is turned into a large washbasin in no time.