The sporty CUV for lots of holiday enjoyment

All aboard, fasten your seatbelts, let’s go – Even if you are just on the way home from work, you are on the road and enjoying travelling. The BOXLIFE is the perfect companion for anyone who is always looking for their next adventure. With its revolutionary lifting bed (optional) at the rear, it can be transformed into a storage miracle for bicycles, surfboards and DIY tools in no time at all, and without needing to remove the bed.

  • Electric side step
  • Practical closing aid
  • High‐quality KNAUS alloy wheels
  • Seitz windows in the series

Travelling life

Very compact, yet so versatile! Customers who purchase a BOXLIFE are not just buying a camper van, but also a mobile companion for life.

The new KNAUS BOXLIFE, with its dynamic design and compact dimensions, is perfect for all holiday types.

Harmonious overall image: The exclusive 17‟ KNAUS alloy wheels and the dynamic foil graphics fit together perfectly.

Comfortable and convenient: The electric side step ensures easy entry to the KNAUS BOXLIFE, and for safety purposes, automatically retracts if it has been forgotten.

Seitz S7P windows with blinds and fly screens reduce wind noise and ensure maximum insulation.

For cosy evenings in front of the TV: The optional Oyster complete aerial system, including an LED TV.

With the optional Dometic Freshjet 1700 air conditioning system (at the rear),  you can enjoy your BOXLIFE in the summer heat.

BOXLIFE colour variants

We have a wide range of colours – is it difficult to decide right away? Take your time.

Optional at an extra cost.
At no extra cost.
At no extra cost.
At no extra cost.
At no extra cost.
ALU SILVER (Metallic)
Optional at an extra cost.
FER GREY (Metallic)
Optional at an extra cost.
BLACK (Metallic)
Optional at an extra cost.
Optional at an extra cost.
Optional at an extra cost.
LAGO BLUE (Metallic)
Optional at an extra cost.