Your own kind of freedom

Demands and wishes of the camper community were analysed and turned into a perfect product. You have never experienced this type of flexibility. Secure your KNAUS Pedelec with premium BESV electronics, combined with tried‐and‐tested and verified vehicle electronics that ensure uncomplicated maintenance – anywhere in the world.

Your advantages

  • Carbon: Very lightweight (17kg): Easy to lift; roof‐rack compatible
  • Full suspension: Comfortable, despite small 20“ wheels
  • Powerful, maintenance‐free, rear‐mounted engine: Reliable support for each incline
  • The most modern BESV algorithm drive technology: Solid and timeless performance at the highest industrial level
  • Practical transmission shift: Drive pleasantly, even without engine support
  • Large, fixed display: Easily accessible information and protection from petty criminals
  • Steering remote controls: Intuitive and safe operation of all functions during your trip
  • Folding pedals as well as 90‐degree turnable buttress: Uncomplicated storage of one or several bikes in the smallest area
  • NO fold‐up bicycle, BUT: light, fast, clean handling with very good, stabile riding characteristics combined with excellent weight
  • Stabile bicycle rack and practical, attachable (quick click) bag: Safe transport and easy handling
  • Universal size: an optimised geometry for people with a height of approx. 1.55 m to 1.85 m

Full suspension

Powerful, maintenance‐free, rear‐mounted engine

Large, fixed display

Steering remote controls

Folding pedals

Attachable (quick‐click) bag

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