Factory tour

We manufacture your holiday - experience this life!

You have always wanted to see how a KNAUS vehicle is made step by step? Take a tour of our factory in Jandelsbrunn and learn firsthand what you have always wanted to know about the production of caravans and motorhomes.

The main factory in Jandelsbrunn

The assembly line for motorhomes

Premium hand‐crafted furniture construction

The finishing touches on the exterior

Registration for a factory tour

Please pay attention:

  • Registration is necessary to participate in the factory tour.
  • The minimum number of participants for a factory tour units 10.
  • The factory tour is only available in German.
  • For safety reasons the bringing along of pets to the factory tour is not allowed.
  • Taking pictures and filming on factory premises is not permitted.

How to find us in Jandelsbrunn: